We not only love running here at RunnersTribe, we also like to bet on track meets and spend time on selecting the perfect picks for many championships which take place around the world. Not all betting sites feature every race that takes place but when it comes to the biggest annual events there are plenty of markets which you can choose from to place your bets on. If you haven’t gambled on a running event before then you can try Novibet as a great place to start, who feature a huge array of events on the running calendar. Betting on running is the same as betting on any other sport in that you have to do your homework before you place your bets, and here is what you need to keep an eye out for when you are making your picks ahead of the big race. 

Recent Times

It is really important that you pay close attention to the recent times of the runners who are participating in an event as these often give a solid indication as to how each runner will get on. Unlike many sports it is quite rare that a runner will be posting slow times and then all of a sudden beat their PB, in fact it is very rare indeed. Furthermore you need to look at what types of events the previous times have been run at because elite runners will generally not give 100% in the less prestigious tournaments, saving their best for the big stage. 


Naturally if a runner is injured then they simply won’t race but there are many runners who have niggling injuries or who are on their way back from injuries, and these will greatly hamper their chances. In some cases a runner may take on an event in order to get some more miles in their legs, which can mean that they won’t be at their best. Stay close to as much information as you can get when it comes to the condition of the athletes. 


You should leave the bets until as late as possible before you place them as you need to know exactly what the weather is going to do. First of all the wind is important, especially if you are going to be betting on the finish times rather than the winners. Headwind and tailwind makes a huge difference to the speed an athlete can run at, just ask Usain Bolt who relied on a strong wind behind him for that crazy 9.58 World Record in the 100 meters! Something else you need to learn about is the runners that do better on wet days and dry days, deepening on where they train and where they are from, each will perform differently in such conditions. 

Do your homework well and find out as much information as you can about your pick, don’t go with your emotions, put your faith in the facts!