The knee is a simple hinge joint, but it has a massive role in keeping our bodies in an upright position. Experiencing pain in the knee for a long period of time may cause some people to despair and begin to consider knee surgery as the answer to all that pain. However, before considering that extreme solution prematurely, exploring other options would be wise.

Common Reasons for Knee Pain

The most obvious cause of knee pain is if you experience a traumatic injury, such as a bad fall during a basketball game or any other sport. The resulting knee pain can be clearly connected to the event that caused it.

The less obvious causes of knee pain stems from a lack of stability from the foot to the hip and from the hip to the core. Stress over time that comes from a lack of stability in these areas can cause injury to your knee.

Assessing the Need for Knee Surgery

It is important to assess the knee injury to know what kind of treatment is necessary for it to be healed. Although there are cases where severe knee injury was healed by surgery, why undergo that process if there are other options available. The specialists at Dean’s Sports Therapy advocate non-surgical knee pain treatment instead of surgery. There have been studies exploring effective alternative treatments to surgery. By introducing very helpful daily activities, it is possible for a lot of people to heal from their knee pain. 

Types of Knee Injuries

Injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL that connects the lower leg bone to the thigh bone causes great pain and is usually caused by sports accidents such as a wrong fall from basketball or a bad tackle from football. Severe as this sounds, there are non-surgery alternatives for healing this type of injury.

The Meniscus is the shock absorber in the knee. When this cartilage is torn there can be considerable discomfort. However, in most cases, surgery is not needed. Fractures on the knee are typically severe but also rare because they are caused by extreme physical trauma. Sports or car accidents are the usual culprits for this type of injury.

Patellar Tendonitis is an inflammation of the patella that forms over time. The rubbing raw of the patella tendon is typically caused by a poor connection between the hip and the core. This causes undue strain for the tendon. There is a condition that is usually experienced by runners called Runner’s Knee. This is a strain on the patella or the patella tendon. The runner usually experiences this pain after running for a certain distance. 

These are the common injuries that concern the knee, and the Knee Experts in Los Angeles, under the leadership of Dr. Justin Dean, are providing alternative treatments that have helped a lot of people suffering from all sorts of knee injuries.

The Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift concerning knee injuries, is that knee surgery is best considered as a last resort instead of as a silver bullet answer for everybody experiencing knee pain. Explore your options for healing from a knee injury before committing to surgery. Look for experts who specialize in healing these injuries using new alternative treatments that work.