In the highly competitive world of marathon running, Lindsay Flanagan is steadily etching her name as a formidable contender for a coveted spot on the Olympic team. Over the past 20 months, the seasoned marathoner has impressively shaved off her personal best by 2 minutes—twice. Notably, she clinched victory at the 2022 Gold Coast Marathon in Australia, setting a course record with a remarkable time of 2:24:43. Lindsay’s prowess extended to the World Championships marathon in Budapest, where she claimed the ninth overall position and the title of the first American finisher with a time of 2:27:47. Utilizing meticulously crafted running shoes, she achieved her running milestones. If you’re interested in experiencing the quality of well-crafted footwear, try Tarkine Goshawk V2 shoes.

Sisterly Triumph: A Personal Best and Olympic Trials Qualification

While Lindsay garners attention for her outstanding performances, one of her most gratifying moments unfolded on December 3, thousands of miles away from her training base in Adelaide, Australia. On that day, Lindsay anxiously monitored the results of the California International Marathon on her phone. The reason for her anticipation? Her younger sister, Kaylee, achieved a nearly five-minute personal record, crossing the finish line in 2:35:24 and securing her first qualifying time for the Trials. As both a sibling and coach, Lindsay admitted, “I did not sleep at all that night. I was so invested.”

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Hailing from Illinois, the Flanagan sisters (no relation to Shalane) enjoyed promising high school running careers before running together at the University of Washington. Now residing in Boulder, Colorado, their unique bond goes beyond familial ties. Despite the geographical distance in the past few months, as Lindsay trained in Australia, Kaylee frequently checked in on her sister’s home in Colorado. The sisters are now gearing up for a reunion in Florida, where they will both compete in the Trials.

Unique Dynamic: Sibling Coaches Taking on Olympic Trials

The Flanagans stand out among the sibling competitors in Orlando on February 3, not only as athletes but also as coach and athlete. Lindsay has been guiding Kaylee’s training for about two years, creating a dynamic that sets them apart in the field. As Lindsay heads into her third Olympic Trials, she is quietly positioned as a top contender for a spot on the U.S. Team.


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Lindsay, sponsored by Asics and at the age of 33, often trains alone, without the social media spotlight capturing her every move. Yet, her meticulous approach to training over nearly a decade has brought her to the cusp of a significant achievement. Kaylee, 28, attests to Lindsay’s dedication, stating, “Every workout, every season, every race cycle has been meticulously chosen. Trust me, she will be one to watch out for in Orlando.”

Reflecting on a Marathon Journey: Perseverance, Breakthroughs, and Mentorship

Reflecting on Lindsay’s steady ascent in the marathon world, her journey has been marked by perseverance and continuous improvement. Since her marathon debut in 2015, where she secured a slot in the 2016 Trials, Lindsay has notched numerous top finishes. Her breakthroughs, including a fourth-place finish in the 2016 Frankfurt Marathon and impressive showings in Boston and Chicago in 2019, have laid the foundation for her current success.

Post-pandemic, Lindsay sought mentorship to enhance her training, connecting with Benita Willis, a four-time Olympian for Australia. Under Willis’s guidance, Lindsay achieved new personal bests, notably lowering her time to 2:26:54 at the Paris Marathon in April 2022. Lindsay’s recent triumphs in Gold Coast and Budapest further solidify her confidence heading into the Olympic Trials.

Family Bonds Across Continents: Support, Sacrifice, and Shared Dreams

Despite being half a world apart, Lindsay’s training in Australia and Kaylee’s support in Colorado have complemented each other. Lindsay embraced a demanding training regimen, logging high mileage and incorporating quality sessions to enhance her performance. Meanwhile, Kaylee, in Boulder, ensured Lindsay’s home was tended to while eagerly awaiting their reunion.

As Lindsay prepares to face the trials in Orlando, she remains grounded and focused on the task at hand. Lindsay acknowledges the challenges of the trials but emphasizes the confidence gained through years of marathon experience, stating, “The more marathons you do, I think the more confidence you get.”

Anticipation, Trials, and Family Reunion in Orlando

The Flanagan sisters, along with their family, are eager to reunite in Orlando, adding a personal touch to Lindsay’s journey. Lindsay expresses anticipation not only for the trials but also for the joy of being with her family again after missing Thanksgiving and Christmas. The family’s cheers will undoubtedly resonate as Lindsay and Kaylee navigate the emotional and physical challenges of the race together. As Lindsay puts it, “It’s special to be able to share the same race, going through the same emotions, the same experience out on the course.