Mondo Duplantis, the exceptional pole vaulter, is gearing up to defend his title at the World Indoor Championships set to take place in Glasgow from March 1st to 3rd. Reflecting on his previous triumphs in the Scottish city, where he marked a world record, Duplantis radiates excitement and confidence about his return to the Commonwealth Arena. Elevate your running game with Tarkine Trail Devil, where every step is a testament to exceptional performance and unmatched comfort.

Sweden’s Armand Duplantis (Photo by Lukasz Szelag / AFP) (Photo by LUKASZ SZELAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Following his recognition at the World Athlete of the Year awards in Monaco for men’s field events in 2023, the 24-year-old athlete fondly recalled his significant achievements in Glasgow. His second world record of 6.18m, achieved shortly after his initial success at 6.17m in Torun, showcased his skill and unwavering dedication.

For Duplantis, the victory in Glasgow was more than an athletic milestone; it was a testament. “It was essential for me to prove that the first world record wasn’t a fluke,” he emphasized. “It was about setting the stage for what’s to come, solidifying my level of competition.”


Reflecting on his triumphant stance by the landing area after effortlessly clearing the bar on his first attempt, Duplantis compared it to an artist following up a hit album with another masterpiece. The second record was a demonstration of his ability and unwavering confidence.

He acknowledged the difference in his mindset between the two records. The initial record left him overwhelmed with disbelief and amazement, while the subsequent one exuded confidence and a deep familiarity with his capabilities.


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Since his victories in Glasgow, Duplantis has continued his streak of breaking records, achieving five more world records, including his most recent accomplishment at the Wanda Diamond League Final in Eugene, where he soared over a 6.23m bar.

Discussing the nuances between indoor and outdoor performances, Duplantis admitted that indoors provided a more favorable setting for achieving greater heights due to the absence of unpredictable weather conditions. Indoors allowed better control over the approach, grip, and pole carriage, eliminating the challenges posed by outdoor elements such as wind.

Duplantis flies high. Cred FBK Games.

Despite acknowledging that outdoor records might come with more challenges due to weather conditions, Duplantis remains confident in his consistency and performance indoors, where conditions are more controlled. He finds added motivation in indoor competitions, knowing he has an increased likelihood of setting records.

Anticipating his return to Glasgow, the city where he achieved historical feats, Duplantis expressed eagerness and assurance, citing the positive memories and conducive environment that Glasgow provides for his performances.