The most competitive runs in the world are characterized by their massive participation and unforgiving qualifying conditions. If you are enthusiastic about running, you’re in the right place! This piece examines some of the most competitive runs globally that you should know about. Let’s dig in!

100- & 200-meters Olympic Sprints

The 100 and 200-meter sprints are marquee events in track and field, showcasing the pinnacle of human speed and agility. These runs are arguably the most competitive globally and attract massive viewership from fans.

Usain Bolt and Florence Griffith Joyner hold the current world records for the two races. Sprinting has always captured the imagination of sports enthusiasts worldwide, including sports wagering fans. If you want to wager on running events around the world, get the Betway app to access many events. The most competitive sprints are the Olympics. Who’s your favorite sprinter?

The Boston Marathon

Several cities and towns in greater Boston, Massachusetts, United States, hold this annual race. Traditionally, it is held on Patriots’ Day, the third Monday of April. The event was first held in 1897 and drew inspiration from the 1896 Summer Olympics.

It is one of the six World Marathon Majors, is highly competitive, and has strict qualifying standards. The qualifying time for athletes is based on their age on the marathon date. For example, the qualifying time for men is three hours, while the qualifying time for women in the same age group is three hours and thirty minutes.

The next Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 15, 2024. So far, over 22000 qualifiers have been accepted for the upcoming event.

London Marathon

The London Marathon is held yearly in London, England. It is the UK’s second biggest annual road race after the Great North Run in Newcastle. Athletes Chris Brasher and John Disley founded this running event in 1981.

It is usually held in April but was moved to October in recent years. Records suggest that 746,635 people have participated in the marathon since its inception. Generally, the London Marathon is a popular event that attracts many participants and spectators. It is also among the most competitive marathons that top athletes desire to win. Athletics wagering fans on Betway always look forward to the next London Marathon to test their knowledge of the sport.

Ironman World Championship

The Ironman World Championship is a prestigious triathlon event held yearly in Hawaii, United States. It was first held in 1978, with the most recent event happening on October 8, 2022. Athletes qualify for the event through placement in one of the other Ironman races.

Additionally, it is a highly competitive event that serves as the pinnacle event in triathlon. Over 5000 hard-working athletes compete for the coveted slots in the championship. The competition is usually fierce as athletes battle it out against their peers.

IAAF World Cross Country Championship

The IAAF World Cross Country Championship is an international cross-country running competition organized by World Athletics. It was first held in 1973 and annually until 2011, when it was changed to a biennial event.

The competition consists of four races: one for men (12km) and women (8km). The other races are one each for junior men (8km) and junior women (6km). This event is considered one of the toughest races to win. Some describe it as more competitive than the Olympic Games. It attracts the best distance runners in the world.