If you are a runner and Nike is your go-to shoes, then the Nike Air Pegasus, 37 is worth your consideration. The shoe is perfect for non-competitive runners and everyday wearers alike. This sneaker offers comfortable support for miles at a time. The Pegasus brand from Nike has churned out 36 shoes already before this one. This latest model shows considerable improvements to others. 

Rebranding of The Pegasus Brand

In response to relatively negative reviews of the other Pegasus brand, Nike put in a lot of work in updating the 37th shoe in this line. Nike opted for new technology in the midsole of the Pegasus. Opting for its React cushioning to change things up in this latest version of the Pegasus. Nike also increased the size of the Air Zoom bag underneath to give the shoes a smooth and comfortable feel. 

Nike did not add the Zoom X foam to this one even though the name of the shoe suggests otherwise. It used React foam which is sturdier. The React technology has its advantages. For example, the shoe retains its running dynamics for a longer period, the technology improves foot cushioning, and it provides a good value for money. Click here for a better understanding of React technology. 

What Makes the Pegasus 37 Special? 

Pegasus 37 boasts of a rubber outsole which gives a great foothold on wet and dry surfaces. The rubber in the outsole increases the weight of the shoe but also its durability and longevity. The rubber outsole also prevents the React midsole from getting damaged. With plenty of energy to spare, the Pegasus 37 is the best in the Pegasus series so far.

When a runner was asked about the Pegasus 37, he explained that the shoe provides a “lush cushion on the foot and enables an easy ride”. The easy ride is enhanced by the Nike Air Zoom bag in the front of the shoe which makes it springy. The Pegasus 37 is suitable for light, mid, and long-distance running. It is heavier than other Nike running shoes but the delicate cushion makes it feel lighter when running.

Versions of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 

For the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 sneakers, there are two versions available: the men’s version and the women’s version. The differences in the versions include the pressure of the Air Zoom bag and the variety of colors. The Air Zoom bag in the men’s version is filled to a pressure of 20 PSI. While the women’s version is filled to a pressure of 15 PSI. This makes the men’s version firmer and the women’s version softer. 

The forefront of the shoe has enough room on both versions, but it is not very spacious. The design of the Pegasus 37 makes the heel-rest comfortable as you walk. The upper side of the shoe offers adequate ventilation. This reduces the discomfort associated with wearing a shoe for a lengthy period.
John K., during a test on runnersword.com reported that the durability of the shoe and the cushion design makes him want to add more miles after each run. He concluded that the tread wear is exceptional and the construction of the Pegasus 37 is exquisite.

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