As Paris braces for the inevitable summer heat, especially notorious for its sparse air conditioning, preparations are in full swing to ensure the comfort of the thousands of athletes expected to descend upon the city for the Olympics in late July and August. Among the city’s innovative measures is the introduction of an underground cooling system, aiming to keep athletes cool while minimizing environmental impact.

The decision to implement this water-cooling system beneath the Olympic Village reflects not only the practical concerns of heat management but also Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability. With aspirations for the Paris Games to serve as a global model of eco-consciousness, Hidalgo is determined to lead the charge towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

Renowned Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge has voiced his support for this initiative, emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon footprints in all aspects of athletic activity. Kipchoge’s advocacy underscores the growing recognition among athletes of the need to address environmental concerns.

Worries about the impact of climate change on athletes’ training and performance have prompted proactive measures from organizers, underscoring the broader significance of sustainability in sports.

During the Games, the Olympic Village will become a temporary home to a diverse array of athletes and officials, alongside Paralympians. Plans are already in motion to transform this space into an eco-friendly residential area following the event, marking a tangible commitment to sustainability beyond the games themselves.


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To combat the summer heat, a cutting-edge geothermal energy system will be deployed to cool athlete accommodations in the Seine-Saint-Denis suburb. Rigorous testing and meticulous planning have ensured the system’s effectiveness, taking into account various factors such as room orientation and insulation.


While athletes have the option to bring personal air conditioning units, Mayor Hidalgo advocates for their limited use, except in cases of medical necessity, aligning with the city’s broader sustainability goals.

As Paris prepares to host the Olympics, its emphasis on innovative solutions and environmental stewardship sets a new standard for global sporting events, emphasizing the crucial role of sustainability in shaping the future of athletics.