Running has been an official sport since 776 B.C.E when it was introduced as the one and only event to take place during the first ever Olympic Games. The fame and importance of running as a sport are second to none and still lives on after thousands and thousands of years.

Running is the most famous discipline of athletics and betting on running has been around for as long as the sport itself. If you’re a running fan or want to bet on running, you can find the best and most secure Australian betting websites on various review lists on the internet (Source:

Betting on running is easier than you think and a lot less complicated than betting on other major team sports. Many people prefer putting their money down on track and field related games because it is super-simple to understand and it’s a perfect beginner’s bet for those who are less experienced in the sportsbetting space.

There are different types of running events that can be bet on. In fact, these events last throughout the year, making running the perfect option for people looking for a sport that allows for year-round betting. With so many different races and events, running attracts significant attention from bookmakers and betters alike.

However, before you decide to place a bet on a race, you need to be cognizant of a few key factors. You need to know about the dynamics of the race; from the runners to the tournament itself. In other words, doing your due diligence isn’t necessary but recommended if you want to increase your chances of winning.

Types of Bets You Can Place on Running Events

There are three different types of bets offered by bookmakers when it comes to betting on running events.

1. Top 3 

When you place a top 3 bet, you have to select the names of the three athletes that will end up in the top pole positions. The top 3 bets are usually a safe pick because it is easy to predict the top 3 if you do enough research and know enough about the history and track record for each of the runners in the tournament. 

2. Head to Head

H2H otherwise known as head-to-head is a type of bet that lets you choose between two athletes. Of the two athletes, you have to pick the one you think will finish higher in the race or at the end of the season. If your chosen athlete finishes above the other in the bet, you win the bet. If you study the track and the condition thoroughly, an H2H bet is a good choice.

3. Win Outright

In this type of bet, you select the athlete who, according to you, will win the race. Betting on a single athlete to win a race offers much better odds and seems easier than the other two types. However, it requires extensive research on the environment and the overall condition of the athlete you bet on.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Athletics – Men’s 100m – Final – OLS – Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – August 1, 2021. Lamont Marcell Jacobs of Italy, Fred Kerley of the United States and Akani Simbine of South Africa in action REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Pro Tips For Betting on Running 

Below, we have listed some pro-tips you can use before placing a bet on a running event.

1. Study the athletes

One of the most important things you need to do before any running event is study the athletes taking part in the race. Sometimes, the athletes with the odds in their favor do not end up performing the way they were expected to because of the lack of conditioning or injuries. 

Running can be an unpredictable sport at times, which is why before any race, it is essential to do some research to see if the favorites are actually fit enough to win the race. The shape that the athletes are in prior to the race can be a deciding factor, which makes studying the fitness of the racers imperative. Furthermore, you should also look for and study underdogs who might end up surprising everyone. 

2. Experience and accolades

If all the athletes are fully fit, you should look at the experience that each has. The participants with a record of winning are generally favored over others. Before placing a bet, taking the statistics under consideration is also necessary; however, it is wise not to rely on these statistics solely. 

3. The type of competition 

When placing a bet on a race, it is necessary to take the tournament under consideration. Bigger competitions tend to be easy to predict, and if you place a bet on the favorite, you have a high chance of getting lucky. However, if you want to place your bet on steeper odds and root for an underdog, lower-tier competitions might be a better choice. 

4. Stage of the season

Another essential factor to consider is the stage of the season. At the beginning of the season, the favorite athletes usually aren’t their best selves, which gives the others a chance to shine. So, in order to maximize your chance of winning, consider the stage of the season in which you are placing your bet. The lower-ranked racers tend to do well at the start of the season, but once the favorites get in their zone, there is no catching them.

5. Environment

The environment of the stadium is another paramount factor that can decide the result of a race. Some athletes tend to do better in outdoor races while others are champions of indoor races, some racers prefer running in Australia while others prefer racing in major cities in North America and Europe making the study of the race ever more important. Moreover, racers with a hometown advantage also sometimes perform better than expected.

Before making a bet on running, there are various essential factors that you should study to get better insights into the race and to get a better knowledge of the overall dynamics. If your research is solid, you will always know what to expect.