Have you been looking to get fit but can’t seem to find the motivation or desire to do so? Don’t be so hard on yourself, as this is something that many people struggle with. One of the simplest solutions to this problem would be to hire a personal running coach. Not only will they help get you outside, but they will help fix a ton of other issues with your workout. Here are several reasons as to why you should hire a personal running coach.

Proper Training Methods

One of the biggest pitfalls that new runners face is trying to go all out right away with running. Just like any sport or activity, you have to build your way to the top. Jumping into the most challenging areas right away will result in longer recovery times and a higher risk of injury. The experts at bkrootsfitness.com state that a good running coach will help create a program you can follow to build your cardio and muscles. These programs will challenge you and make you work, but won’t leave you struggling to move around a few days later.

Studies have shown that people who start with too difficult programs tend to quit a few days in, often. If you do not hire a coach or have an idea of how to build up your cardio skills, you will end up quitting just like everyone else. A trainer will create a program that is tailored for you, allowing you to grow and become a better runner. Plus, having a personal trainer certified in CPR means you’ll get the necessary assistance you need in case of any injuries.

Proper Running Technique

We all know how to run, right? It’s something that we learn at a too young age and think that there is nothing more to it. You’d be amazed at the number of things there are to learn about running with proper technique. Why should you care?

Running with improper technique can result in muscle strains. When you move your body, you should be swinging your arms and accurately moving your hips and legs. Failure to do so will have an increased risk of injury. Not only that, but how you land on the ground with your foot is also important to safe and efficient running.

If you do not brace each step, you are slowly destroying the bottom of your foot. Over the span of several months or years, your bones and muscles will degrade down there and cause lifelong problems. A running coach will work with you to teach you proper running format and get you moving in a way that is healthy and safe for you. It might feel strange learning how to run again, but you will save yourself from a lot of pain and injury in the future.

Improved Performance

Whenever you bring a coach on, the main goal is to increase your skills and performance hopefully. You can expect these kinds of results with a running coach as well. They will watch your techniques and see where you are struggling and where you are holding yourself back. From there, they will make corrections and challenge you in certain areas to improve. By singling out your mistakes and weaknesses, they can quickly correct them and have you back running in a proper way.


If you hire a running coach, you will be unable to get yourself out of a training slot. As mentioned above, the thing people struggle with most when it comes to running is the initial act of getting themselves out of the house. Because you have spent money on a coach, you are more likely to follow through with the program. At the same time, they will be pushing you and encouraging you to work harder each and every day. If you struggle with motivation, you might benefit from having a running coach.

Injury Rehab

There will come a time when you get injured while running. If you don’t know what the injury is and what caused it, you might place yourself at risk to injure it further. A running coach understands these types of injuries and knows what is needed to recover from them fully. You can gain a ton of knowledge on your body and how it works by enlisting a running coach to help you out.

These are all great reasons as to why you should consider hiring a personal running coach. They will help to get you over the hill and get you on track towards a healthier lifestyle. Before you know it, you will find yourself able to participate in marathons and other great activities. What are you looking to accomplish with running?