Written by Allen Brown

Running has always been one of the most accessible and easy ways to stay fit and healthy. Indeed, this form of exercise doesn’t require any special equipment and costly gym membership. All you need to enjoy the full benefits of running anytime and anywhere is just a pair of comfy sneakers and genuine goodwill. 

No doubt, running is good for your health but can it help you lose weight? Well, at this point, things are getting a bit more complicated. Perhaps you too have friends disappointed by the results brought by this popular activity in terms of slimming down. Or do you know that from your own experience? You run three or four miles every day but your bathroom scale seems to ignore this fact?

Do not worry, you are not alone. Many people across the world face the same challenge as you and do not get the desired outcome simply because they do not know how to make the most of this amazing workout. Even though running is a great way to burn calories, there is more to it if you want to slim down. Keep reading as we’re going to share with you some hacks on how to make running your main weapon for reaching fitness goals.

Effectiveness Of Running

No one can argue that running is a super way to burn a heck of a lot of calories but it is pretty naïve to think that you can do it by making a couple of laps around your building. When it comes to calculating the number of calories that can be burned, everything matters: your current weight, the speed you run at, and, of course, the distance. 

The math is simple, the higher your weight, the more calories you can burn. For instance, someone weighing 130 pounds is intended to burn around 600 calories per hour if running 10 minutes per mile while a 200-pound person would burn 930 calories under the same conditions.

Run To Lose Weight

As you can see, running does help you burn calories but the main problem is how to avoid getting them back. Health experts from BestHealth.org explain that without a holistic approach that includes proper motivation and a sustainable eating plan, your efforts are doomed to failure. In other words, it is not possible to lose weight without a diet that prevents you from overeating – nobody can slim down if his or her calorie intake exceeds the calorie output, in the best scenario, it is possible to just maintain weight but not lose it.

It’s normal to feel extremely hungry after running six or ten miles as hunger is a natural response of our bodies to the significant loss of energy. And, of course, you have to let your body recover and make up for the lack. Here comes one of the most important moments in the whole story – think of what you are going to eat. Needless to say, a chocolate bar or any other packed with sugar snack is out of the question as it’s everything but not the way to create a calorie deficit.

So, What Should You Eat? 

Lean meat, vegetables, whole grains, and other foods that are high in proteins, which are known for their hunger-killing abilities. They are also a great source of energy and unrivaled muscle-builders. Fruits are also awesome but you have to be careful with them, avoiding too sweet options like grapes, and sticking to just one small apple instead of treating yourself to a huge bowl of fruit salad.

Many nutritionists and fitness gurus recommend thinking about food as the fuel you need to exercise. What they are trying to say is that you have to match your food intake to your real needs, which are certainly different for someone who is a professional athlete and a newbie that makes his or her first steps in the world of fitness. The bottom line is you can’t afford to eat more than you can burn out, of course, if you want to reach your goals in the foreseeable future.

And one more crucial thing, you have to drink plenty of water as your body really needs it. When you run, you do not only burn calories but also lose water, hence make sure to bridge the gap, all the more so, a glass of water is a great way to postpone hunger.

Running is an effective way to scorch calories and slim down. Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, it is a great exercise that requires no equipment and delivers a plethora of advantages. So, what are you waiting for?