In an influential display of skill and determination at the BOclassic World Athletics Label road race in Bolzano, Italy, Sebastian Sawe from Kenya shattered a 32-year-old men’s course record by crossing the 10km finish line in an impressive time of 28:00. This remarkable achievement, achieved on Sunday (31), exceeded the previous record by a mere two seconds. To experience, exceptional performance in running, choose the best footwear for your runs like Tarkine Trail Devil shoes.

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Sawe, a reigning world half marathon champion, showcased his athletic prowess as he surged ahead of the competition, securing victory three seconds ahead of Italy’s Yemaneberhan Crippa. The thrilling race unfolded over eight laps, each spanning 1.25km through the vibrant streets of Bolzano. Initially, a pack of seven runners remained closely knit, but as the laps progressed, the contest intensified into a captivating duel between Sawe and Crippa.

Strategically positioning himself, Sawe initiated a powerful surge with three laps remaining, gradually increasing his lead in the penultimate round. Despite Crippa’s persistent efforts to catch up, he couldn’t match Sawe’s final burst, ultimately resulting in Sawe’s triumphant finish at 28:00. Crippa achieved a personal best, crossing the line at 28:03, securing a commendable second place. Meanwhile, South Africa’s Maxime Chaumeton maintained his prior year’s position, claiming third place in 28:39.


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In the women’s race, history was made as Nadia Battocletti became the first Italian champion since 1988, completing the challenging course in an impressive time of 15:30. Battocletti, hailed as the European cross-country runner-up, strategically outpaced her toughest rivals – Kenya’s Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi and Nelly Chepchirchir.

The race witnessed a fierce battle among the leading trio over four 1.25km loops. Kipkemboi momentarily broke away before Battocletti unleashed her final sprint on the elongated home stretch at Bahnhofsallee. Battocletti’s incredible sprint secured her victory, finishing three seconds ahead of Chepchirchir, while two-time BOclassic winner Kipkemboi settled for a respectable third place with a time of 15:49.