Parting ways with running shoes that you have used for a long time can be difficult. However, if you don’t find ways of getting rid of them, they may slowly begin to pile up and take up a lot of space.

Recycling old shoes is a good idea because they may help someone else. You may choose eco-friendly ways of recycling shoes. This post reveals some smart ideas on recycling your old running shoes to create space for new ones. 

Revamp or repair the shoes

If your running shoes are slightly torn, they can still be useful. Consider repairing instead of throwing them. There are several repair kits that you can find in the market that you can use to fix worn soles or widen their size.

If the sneaker needs a more detailed makeover, you can use fabric markers or eco-friendly paint to give them a better look. Be creative with the design and give the sneakers a pop of color. After using them for a while, you can then look for alternative ways of recycling them. 

Participate in a shoe swap

If you are tired of your running shoes, someone else, including people you know, may need them. Contact your family and friends and ask them to pass the message about the shoe swap event. Get as many participants as possible. 

After getting a good number of participants, ask them to gather all their old and unwanted sneakers. When you all get together, you can swap shoes. You may be surprised about how the participants will appreciate this initiative. 

You will have recycled your shoes in an eco-friendly manner. Any shoe that goes unclaimed can be donated later. This is an easy, cost-effective, and quick way to get rid of your old running shoes.

Partner with running stores in your area.

Partnering with a local running store can help you get rid of your old sneakers easily. Identify a sporting retailer or athletic store that sells running shoes. Request them to help you to gather old shoes from their customers. 

The stores will agree because they are aware of how social responsibility can influence their business. Partnering with shoe stores is one of the most effective eco-friendly fun activities, especially where the store asks customers to bring their shoes on a particular day. You will be teaching people about the art of recycling. The shoe stores can set up bins and ask customers to bring their shoes. Since customers are interested in buying new shoes, they will be willing to give out an old pair. 

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Use the old shoes to create planters

One of the most creative ways of giving your old running shoes a new purpose is turning them into planters. This is a great initiative for the environment. It works for shoes that you may have used for a long time.

You need to disinfect them, grill holes, add soil and plant your flowers there. You can use eco-friendly paint to decorate your planters. If you are taking a course on environmental conservation, you can include some creative ways of designing and decorating DIY planters in your essays. If not, you can get someone to write for you essays about recycling. 

Donate shoe parts

If your running shoes are falling apart, there are eco-friendly ways of recycling them. Some programs take worn-out sneakers to make new clothing items or create new shoes.

Donating shoe parts enables people who cannot afford brand new shoes to find help. Sneakers you may have bought for a fun run might be someone else’s “gift.” Donating is more eco-friendly than throwing the shoes away. 


If your running shoes are in wearable condition, find alternatives on how you can recycle them instead of throwing them away. This could be anything ranging from repairing, swapping, giving them away, or creating planters. You should choose eco-friendly ways of getting rid of those shoes instead of throwing them. By recycling old sneakers, you can help someone in need, reduce waste sent to landfills and minimize clatter at home. 

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