Not many athletes have what it takes to participate in marathon races given the extreme training and high level of energy demands needed to bag major honours. But despite the challenges that come with running for more than two hours over several kilometres, participating in the world’s popular events such as Olympics, Boston. Berlin, London and Chicago Marathons come with a certain level of prestige.

We asked the question, which are some of the best athletes from Australia who have graced long-distance tracks?

We have sampled the following list of top five of the best marathoners from the down under continent.

Benita Willis Johnson

As you look forward to the 2022 World Athletics Champions in Oregon, the question is who will become the faster ever Australian runner, a record that Benita Willis holds to date? Benita Willis participated in several athletics events such as National Championships, Commonwealth games, major world marathons, Continental World Cup, World Athletics, Half Marathons and World Championships. She is a one-time gold medalist World Cross Country Championships, and a One-time World Marathon Bronze medalist, which are her best races in the sport.

Lee Troop

Lee Troop remains one of Australia’s most iconic runners of all time. From running in 1,500 races, from half marathon to marathon, Lee Troop’s best marathon sprints were in the 2004 London Marathon where he clocked 2:09:58 and the 2007 Berlin Marathon where he crossed the finishing line at 2:10:31. Troop’s first marathon event was also the London Marathon back on 15th January 1999, even in which he clocked 2:11:21. Back at home, Lee Troop bagged four awards in the National Champions 10,000 meters and another award in the 5,000.

Robert de Castella

Robert de Castella is another Australian marathoner whose name should not miss from this list. Robert de Castella in at least 13 major races around the world, including domestic champions. His best performances were in the World Championships where he bagged a gold medal and was a three-time record holder in Oceania’s 20,000 race and 1hour marathon. His only marathon race was the 1986 Boston Marathon where he clocked 1:07:51.

Steve Moneghetti

Born on 19th September 1962, Steve Moneghetti is an Australian athlete whose success on track continues to inspire generations. He is one of the most talked-about sportsmen in the land down under following his success in short races, long-distance races and marathons. His first stint in a marathon was in the 1990 Berlin Marathon where he clocked 2:08:16. He also participated in Tokyo and London marathons, which are the world’s most prestigious events in the athletics world. He is an x1 World Champions Bronze medalist and an x1 silver medalist in the World Half Marathon.

Lisa Ondieki

Lisa Ondieki’s resilience and endurance endeared fans of Athletics, not just in Australia but also around the world. Her first-time marathon event was in 1986 when she participated in the New York Marathon and clocked 2:29:12. She also took part in Chicago, and London Berlin Marathons in the years 1984 and 1993 respectively. Lisa Ondieki was also part of the 1986 Commonwealth games and the Olympics in Korea back in 1988. Lisa is a one-time Silver medalist in the 1988 Seoul, Korea Olympics. Her best performances were in the Marathons where she finished 2nd in four majors, 1st in one major and 3rd in another. Her best marathons were in the 1986 and 1990 Edinburg and Auckland Commonwealth games where she finished first in the Marathons.