The game of snooker and its equipment.   

Just like most games, the game of snooker has attracted most people who are just glued to it on mobile phones, real-life and many other places in the US especially. The love for snooker has really encouraged other commercial practices like snooker betting. However, we need to have an understanding of the various equipment used in the game. Snooker is a very interesting and addictive game. It is also a mind game that is quite intriguing.


There should be a playing surface which is at least a standard table with at least six holes on being at each corner of the table and one at the two longer side cushions.


Usually, there is green cotton or woolen cloth known as the baize that is normally directional on top od the table. The whole purpose of the cloth is to bring an effect on the direction and for that reason, it is not vacuumed so that it could not give a change in the nap. The cleaning of the cloth is done by brushing it in a straight direction from one end to the other and not across so as not to tamper with the effect of direction. Remaining dust and particles are removed by damped cloths attached to boards and also moved in the same direction as brushes. Wool is, however, the best method of cleaning the tables and in big tournaments, the Strachan cloth is used.


Normally 22 balls are used 15 of them are red, 6 are color balls and one is a cueball. These balls are mostly 52.5 mm in diameter.


This is a stick that is normally wood or fiberglass that is always ending in leather. It is used to strike the cue ball.

Cue-tip chalk

This is a silica-based type of chalk that is at the tip of the cues. It is there to ensure good contact between the cue and the cue ball.


This is just a button at the back end of the cue that is effective in cases where the distance between the player and the cue ball is long. It is just to lengthen the que to ensure the distance is covered.


It is effective in cases where the cue cannot reach the cue ball in normal extensions. It is an x-shaped stick


It normally supports and elevated the que above the level of the cue ball.


This is just a piece of equipment that gathers the red balls around in shape before the commence of the match. It is in the form of a frame.

Extended spider.

It is just a hybrid of spiders and swans whose work is to bridge a huge pack of reds. Though its use nowadays is quite minimal, it is used in cases where the player has difficulty in striking due to the different positions of the reds. It was quite popular in ancient days.