Running is a sport that has always appealed to certain sections of the population, but there is no denying that it has become a wider phenomenon in recent decades. As people have started to look for ways to exercise, get fitter, and be healthier, running has become one of the most accessible forms of physical activity.

Technology has arguably helped to enhance the sport, with wearables having become available. Today, runners can use smartwatches and other smart devices to track data, which can help them shape their performance and improve certain aspects of the runs they engage in.

Today, tech is everywhere and we’ve already seen how it can have an effect on elite running. With the Olympics on the horizon, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we were to see the statistics and analysis that is derived from runners be used by the likes of Betway and its sport betting Zambia site for bettors to use when placing a bet on the 100-meter sprint, the 200m race, or even the marathon disciplines that take place.

How are runners using the data to improve their performance?

With numerous smart devices available, runners have arguably never had so much available at their fingertips to improve their running experiences. These gadgets have been equipped with various technologies that allow them to be able to gain insights into what they are doing, which can ultimately help them to improve their performance, regardless of whatever type of running they are engaging in.

GPS tracking has allowed runners to be able to try and plot accurate running routes, allowing them to tailor them to their needs. For instance, those who wish to test themselves with trickier terrains and those that contain inclines or declines. At the same time, it allows those who wish to run flatter routes to do just that.

Tech also allows people to track their previous performances, and helps them keep an eye on progress. The data that is stored can be used to help runners to measure how well they are doing, especially those who are looking to improve with each session. It’s not uncommon for individuals to go over what they have done and to use it as a marker the next time they participate in a run.

How does running tech help with betting?

As mentioned already, betting firms like Betway are using the data that can be derived from running events to help shape the sports wagering experiences punters can obtain when looking to place a bet on the races that are held.

The Olympics is arguably one of the biggest sports betting opportunities for many, with the 100m sprint often being a race most look out for. The technology that is used for this race can help improve what is offered to punters.

Most will see the clock that times the race, although there are other technologies that are involved. Sportsbooks will use previous data, conditions and past events to help them set the odds. At the same time, big data analytics will help create an overall picture based on all competitors, giving punters a fairer experience.