Winter can be a tough time to test a dedicated runner’s patience. The pull of the couch during cold weather plus the physical demand that it would take to run through the snow is an intense undertaking of a runner’s integrity. Fortunately, there are a plethora of winter running competitions to watch out for. That way, a runner can remain competitive even through the biting cold. Or it could definitely be an excellent support system for fellow runners that want to keep their streak going! Check these out and sign up for some exercise in the snow!

California International Marathon

Possibly one of the toughest international winter running competitions in existence today, the California International Marathon will push a runner to his absolute limits. Well, for the first part at least, since this course begins with a stretch of rolling hills. Also known as the Sacramento Marathon, runners will have to consider how to take on the inclines of the hills while remaining ahead of their competition. But once a runner is past these hills, competitors can settle by running through the flat route after. Near the end of the race, at approximately mile 20, an enormous cheer party looks forward to inspire racers to the finish line.

Runners taking a break from the sport can test out their knowledge by betting on a racer. Odds can be viewed by signing up for a bet365 bonus code, providing excellent statistics on popular picks by the competition’s fans. The California International Marathon has a wide audience, so expect many varying picks!

The competition has a lot of history behind it and it attracts at least 100,000 runners from all over the world, which ranges from newbies to international athletes. Its routes widely remain the same, all of which are scenic and highlight the beauty of California. 

St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend

One of the most prestigious marathons occurring in the winter is the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. The event courses on for three days and features a full marathon race, a half marathon, and 10k, all of which go through the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital campus. Apart from the said hospital, it also features famous landmarks and neighborhoods in Memphis, such as starting off at B.B. King Boulevard, going through the busy South Main District, and the iconic Stonewall Street. The finish line for this marathon sits at the AutoZone Park.

Many cheer stations will be placed throughout the running event. It also coincides with many community parties in celebration of the exciting annual competition for runners. Fans of these races can also snack on a wide variety of food as they enjoy the races by going through the food markets that are set up around the marathon routes.

These exciting winter running competitions will keep the thrills of running once springtime rolls in. The races are definitely challenging, especially when it snows, but running has always been about the challenges, right? By running through these conditions, runners can become much faster and stronger for the rest of the year!