Sciatica is known as the irritation incurred by the sciatic nerve due to excessive pressure. This nerve originates from the lower spine and travels through the pelvis and buttocks. Sciatica is more commonly experienced by older people, particularly when it is caused by a ruptured disc. However, there are also pregnant women, as well as seemingly fit and healthy individuals who may also experience sciatica. As such, Here are some tips on how to relieve the pain caused by this condition:


Perhaps the most common pain relief method for sciatica is through medication. There are oral medications, and there are also topical solutions that act as relaxants to ease muscle spasms. While some over the counter drugs work, prescription medicines are usually more effective.


Another way to ease the pain brought about by sciatica is by performing certain stretches and exercises. According to Dr. Justin Dean, the medical expert behind Dean’s Sports Therapy, a proper stretch will allow you to mobilize the sciatic nerve being pinched. Thus, you can try the reclining pigeon pose, which is a common yoga pose that works to open the hips, or the sitting pigeon pose which proves to be easier to execute even when you are in pain. You can also do a sitting spinal stretch to create space in your spine to relieve the pressure on your pinched nerve.


There are several forms of massage that can be beneficial to alleviate the pain you are feeling because of sciatica such as deep tissue massage or trigger point massage. This is because getting a massage can release endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain killers. A massage can also improve your blood circulation, as well as soothe your sore muscles, which all aids in alleviating your pain.

Mind-Body Techniques

Some people use their minds to overpower the pain they are feeling and this is known as mind-body techniques. You can practice deep-breathing exercises, meditation, or even guided imagery to be able to work on the power of your mind to control your body. Even cognitive behavioral therapy can help in relaxing your muscles and giving you a certain sense of control over the pain you are feeling.


You can also reduce muscle inflammation through your nutrition. Opt to eat more whole grains, as well as natural foods such as fresh produce over processed foods high in preservatives. You can also take supplements to help build the micronutrients that your body needs typically because you may not be able to acquire some of the vitamins and minerals you need through food alone.  Many sciatica sufferers are adding CBD to their diets to manage their symptoms. For many people, CBD has both anti-inflammatory and painkilling qualities with the most potent CBD oils generally being most effective.

In conclusion, there are several means on how sciatica can be treated, as well as on how the pain it causes can be alleviated. However, what may prove to be effective for one person and ineffective for another person. Thus, it is important to try which of the pain relief methods would alleviate the pain you are feeling, and in doing so, never give up on finding the answer to your needs.