Every day the connection between sports and the Internet is getting stronger. Over the past few years, hundreds of account channels have appeared on various sites dedicated to various activities, including running. Even professional athletes are among the most popular bloggers, and their fans are happy to watch the life of runners, explore their diet and take an example of a healthy lifestyle.

One of the best sites for blogging is Instagram. The site has a simple interface, and every beginner can set up targeted advertising or find where to buy Instagram followers. Users do not need to have special skills and abilities to become a popular author on the web. At the same time, online promotion requires effort and time, but this does not stop professional athletes who want to make sports a part of life for thousands of people. In the article we will tell you about the most famous of them.

Usain Bolt (@usainbolt)

If you are passionate about sports, strive for success in running or like to watch exciting marathons, then this name is familiar to you. Usain does not need to be represented, and this proves the number of followers on his page. He is the world record holder for the fastest run, and he has 8 Olympic medals in his piggy bank. Bolt’s account inspires athletes to new achievements, and allows ordinary fans to observe how a famous athlete lives every day.

Do you wonder who his family is? What does he do in his free time? How does he prepare for marathons? Then rather look for his account on the network! By the way, Bolt started making music not so long ago and actively broadcasts it in his profile. This is a great opportunity not only to learn about the life of one of the best runners of our time, but also to discover cool tracks.

Dina Asher Smith (@dinaashersmith)

Dina is a native of Britain and the fastest woman in the country in history. She took the awards for 100 and 200 meters. In adolescence, the girl managed to become the fastest teenager at a distance of 60 and 200 meters. But despite her colossal success in sports, she remains a girl and does not hesitate to discuss “feminine” things with her subscribers, which makes her as natural and honest as possible.

The Smith account is a synthesis of ordinary life and many marathons. Dina confidently balances between these categories and confidently uses it on the page. This allows users to understand that athletes are also people. I am glad that such accounts are popular among thousands of people who are happy to watch the girl’s life. If you want to see the backstage of big sports, subscribe to Smith. Don’t forget to like the posts and write comments as support for the blogger. So she will understand that her efforts are not in vain, and the use of paid services, like the possibility to buy real Instagram followers, was for the good.

Shalane Flanagan (@shalaneflanagan)

How to combine motherhood and professional running? You will find out about this in the account of the Olympic champion and winner of the New York Marathon. The woman became especially famous online after she became a professional Nike trainer. In her account, Shalane broadcasts about everything related to sports and her personal life. One day she can post a Reel from the marathon, and the next you will admire her selfie with a child. She talks about upcoming competitions, shares the secrets of her training and shows her diet.