We all want to get in shape. Even if we’re relatively fit, there’s always room for improvement. Most of us are not 6-10% body fat with chiseled abs and a superstar bench press. Not to say that we’re all trying to get to that point. But it’s good to set those goals. If you’re looking for ways to get fit, the internet is full of a lot of strange jargon. 

There’s an entire industry based on the minutia of nutrition and exercise. On the flip side, “move more, eat less” advice has yet to serve us. So here we’ll put it all together and give you the top ways that you can get your body into shape.

Join a Gym

The best way, hands down, to get in shape is to join a gym. It’s not 100% necessary, but there’s something about joining a gym that really jumpstarts fitness. Memberships at GymNation, the fastest growing chain anywhere on Earth, can add massive gains to your goals. It can be intimidating at first, but if you approach any one of them and ask them to help you, they will. Physical culture breeds consistency. 

Consistency is, after all, the most important tool in your toolshed. A gym has weights from 2 kilos up to practical infinity. Just make sure you seek some guidance at first. You want to cultivate and keep good lifting habits throughout your fitness journey. 

Join a Sport

Another way to get into shape is to take up a sport. Pick one, anyone. If it’s cycling, go with that. If it’s boxing and MMA, go with that. Flag football is one of the fastest-growing recreational sports across the globe now that outdoor activities are more encouraged. These are the most fun ways to get into some serious shape. It’s a good idea to take it slow at first. 

Most recreational sports teams in the neighborhood and greater city area are weekend warriors. They started slow, too. Tap into that playful inner kid, get out there, and score some points. 

Workout at Home 

Working out from home is great, but it’s difficult to maintain. Depending on your level of fitness and your personal goals, you may need to invest in some equipment. The most basic and minimal set of equipment is a pullup bar. People have gone from scrawny to absolutely supermodel-worthy from bodyweight exercises alone. Set yourself a fitness schedule, and do not deviate from it. It’s very easy to slack off at home. So set your alarm, keep the promises you made yourself, and start with the bodyweight squats. 

These are the top ways to get in shape. When working out, listen to your body. Then push one more time. That’s how you achieve your goals. A word on nutrition, if you like to obsess on numbers, that’s fine. But if you’re looking for minimal tracking, stick to calories and protein. 

If you’re not looking to track at all, eat only what looks like enough on a medium plate and have two palm-sized snacks throughout the day. That should do it. Curtail your expectations and grind out the days. That’s the only thing that works. All the supplements and the special juices are part of the marketing minutia.