Usually, sports and vaping are incompatible things. This is because running, like any other sport except chess and checkers, creates an additional burden on the respiratory and circulatory systems of the body. However, life shows us that the things that seem to be the best are not always the best in reality, so not all athletes obey the rule of avoiding cigarettes. But let’s hold off for now.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is an extremely popular activity today. One can hardly find a person who would not know what vaping is nowadays. The habit has become extremely common even though it has not come without scandals.

For instance, when people did not know much about vaping, one company promoted their devices as the e cigarette and quickly gained popularity among teenagers. Because of lack of information, some parents, even though it is not dangerous, bought the devices for their children themselves.

The other example of a scandal is the row of situations when vaping devices were exploding and damaging or even killing their users. However, later it was found out that the main problem was that the users tried to modify the device themselves. They wanted to make their best e-cigarettes even more powerful, which resulted in a tragedy.

So, for those who still have doubts about whether he or she has ever heard of vaping devices? These are the electronic mechanisms that allow a person to consume nicotine or other substances by evaporating it but not by burning it. The main idea was to get rid of dangerous tars and products of burning. In fact, this aim is reached. However, the issue is that that was not the only danger of smoking. Nicotine is a much more dangerous thing.

What Is The Reason For Vaping?

The number of reasons for a person to vape is extremely high. Probably, it would be impossible to describe all of them. However, some important and often mentioned thoughts can be mentioned here.

Firstly, for many years vaping has been considered a healthy choice over smoking products like king palm blunts. Many people have thought so till now. The main problem is that people do not understand the danger of nicotine. They believe that the main evil is smoking. That is because they see a person smoking but they do not see nicotine. Our brain tends to simplify lots of things, which is not always beneficial for us and our survival.

The second reason people use vaping is that they are trying to give up smoking and believe that using vaping devices can help them. They often seek the best electronic cigarette to solve all their problems. Some reckon that the gradual decrease in the dose of nicotine consumed daily will help them to give up nicotine consumption. For some people, it does work.

However, the studies claim that many people become dual smokers, which means they use both usual and e-cigarettes. Some people just use e liquids with a potent nicotine content and get even more hooked on this substance. The success of reducing nicotine intake to zero using a vaping device is not always efficient and often depends on the person himself- or herself.

The third reason people vape is to have some fun, become a part of a new culture, or just try something new. All these seem to be unserious, but it works in real life. Many vapers collect the flavors that they have ever tried. Some vaping communities exist both online and offline, where people share their thoughts and sometimes get support for their problems. However, a person can get psychological trauma if he or she puts more meaning in such a friendship than there is.

Vaping and Runner’s Health

For a person who does a lot of workouts or a runner, it is important to make sure that he or she gets enough sleep, enough vitamins, proteins, carbs, and fats. It is also important to remember that the processes inside your body will help or damage your performance. So people in sports are highly dependent on their own lifestyles.

As mentioned before, vaping influences plenty of inner processes in your body; thus, it can be dangerous for your health even if you use the best e-cig. If you are vaping regularly and your nicotine intake is average, you can meet the following outcomes of your activities:

1) Heart and cardiovascular system. Nicotine raises your blood pressure, which means that you can feel unwell from the start, and in a later perspective, you could need proper treatment and would not be able to do sports. It also spikes your adrenaline level, leading to a heart attack. For sure, the increased risks of developing the diseases connected to blood circulation are clear in this case too. Science proves that a smoker is more prone to heart attack than a non-smoker, for 56%. Heart and its health are important for any activity, especially for sports. That is why vaping and running is a bad idea.

2) Lung disease was found in many of those who smoke. In fact, Hon Lik, the first modern e-cigarette, intended to create a device that would exclude the risk of cancer and lung disease. It was rather a personal aim because his father, a heavy smoker, died from lung cancer. Vaping oils might be harmful to your lungs. However, the worse thing is that if heated too much, vapor can irritate the airways, thus damaging some other parts of the respiratory system but the lungs themselves. The content of an e juice is unpredictable for a normal person, so it can also be harmful to you.

3) Brain can also get damaged while vaping. The point is that nicotine is harmful no matter how you get it – smoking or vaping. None of the best e-cigarettes can save you from nicotine addiction. And nicotine itself complicates the process of new connections between brain cells creation. This makes one’s life more difficult because all our everyday routine tasks are based on this connection, our communication is based on these connections, and the way we perform certain exercises. If you want to master a running or breathing technique, it might be more complicated if you are a vaper.