Getting into perfect shape, maintaining your excellence and achieve meticulous results before, during and after your regular run can be a challenging task. To exude their full potential, every runner needs to fuel their bodies with the right nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will help them get the maximum results. Subsequently, the active body requires the right and effective vitamins and minerals that will give the body enough power and energy to achieve fantastic results, boost their acceleration, performance, and stamina. Here are some of the most vital, healing, and power-boosting vitamins and minerals every runner requires.

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If the body lacks iron, the body starts losing the much-needed energy, and the muscles can drain and deteriorate. Rich in hemoglobin, iron is a perfect nutrient that gives the runner the power and energy needed to keep you going and recover. By intaking iron regularly, the oxygen flow goes more vigorously through all the muscles and organs, increasing the function and recovery of crucial bodily items. Iron can be found in lentils, pulses and other legumes, red meat, dark meat poultry, and spinach.

Vitamin D

Amongst many other important vitamins, vitamin D is utterly beneficial for keen runners. Unless a runner has sufficient vitamin D in the organism, he is more prone to inflammation and other injuries. Most of the vitamin D comes from sunlight, however, you can find it in some mushrooms, milk, and egg yolks. As it is vital to eat before a race, you can always make a protein-rich and high vitamin D breakfast with egg and mushrooms omelet.

Vitamin C

Besides numerous other health benefits, vitamin C aids the runners by helping the drained body fight off the free radicals that the body produced after a long and tedious run. If you have sore muscles, joint pain, fragile bones, lack of energy, or even respiratory tract infections if you had been running during harsh and cold weather. Get your regular dose of this marvelous antioxidant in orange, broccoli, pineapple, kale, kiwi, and other.


Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients that feel keep the runner’s bones strong and agile. Building and maintaining strenuous bones enable a runner to run the distance even when they need to succumb to high impact exercise. Calcium helps the body rebound, reduce the risk of any bone or stress fracture, and aid with blood clotting and muscle contraction. Consume more dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, as well as dark and leafy greens, beans, and fortified cereals.


Runners need quality and efficient fuel food that will keep their organism in incredible condition and to promote great endurance. Especially distance runners require a sufficient amount of proteins to maintain their body fueled. Unless you don’t consume enough protein, the body can start breaking down muscles to help stay fueled. Therefore, every runner who strives to prevent muscle loss, and keeps steady body weight and boosts running performance, consuming foods high in protein like fish, meat, legumes, soy, almond milk, and other nuts is a must.

Sodium, Magnesium, and Zinc

Not many minerals are as essential and multi-functional as sodium, magnesium, and zinc. Firstly, sodium is superb for muscle contraction that prevents muscle cramps and regulates proper nerve transmission, smooth and effective hydration, and proper pH balance. Found in table salt, this mineral is easily accessible. Next, magnesium is crucial for productive muscle contraction, energy boost, regulating blood pressure, and stable nerve function. Lastly, zinc is a magnificent mineral that helps with wound healing, cell division, muscle cell recovery, and for maintaining a productive immune function.

Runners should consume all the above-mentioned minerals and nutrients from real foods daily to get the best out of them. By intaking a combination of these vitamins and minerals you would surely achieve flabbergasting results.