Often we hear how our emotional well-being has a correlation with physical well-being. From a tender age, children are encouraged to play outdoors for some part of their day engaging all of their bones and muscles and, in turn, helping them become stronger. Unfortunately, in the modern-day age of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, children have increasingly developed the habit to play on a device rather than on a playground.

According to research gate in a study conducted, 15% of students in high school acknowledged having a totally inactive lifestyle that involves at least 12 hours of their day sitting.

The problem comes to light when these children grow up, become young adults, and suffer mentally because of their lack of physical activity. The best way to stay active is by including running in your daily routine. Staying active, running in particular, has several advantages. Here are some.

Improves concentration and attention span

One of the many problems that students face is their lack of attention span. They find themselves distracted during class. Studies have found that only thirty minutes of exercise can have a significant impact on one’s concentration and focus levels. If you cannot have a workout routine, simply enroll yourself in sports to play in college. With greater physical activity, your brain tends to become sharper and renews the energy from within. It is mostly advised to take a break if you are ever feeling unfocused and engage in any physical activity, and you will be surprised how you can come back more active and even more productive!

 Reduces anxiety

With the growing levels of competition among students and academics becoming increasingly tough, stress levels among students are rising exponentially. It is researched on how physical activity can help you sleep well and reduce anxiety. Therefore, even though it might sometimes feel like there is no room for exercise in your daily routine, it is always better to squeeze a slot into it because it will help you in being more productive, and you will actually be able to do more than you would have without the break.

Helps improve mood

As they handle busy schedules, classes, assignments, social life, and new relationships, many college students battle with mood swings. The burden of completing college essays can be reduced by choosing the best place to buy essays review services from top writers review, the rest can be managed by a healthy workout routine.

A hectic lifestyle is created by a bustling social life followed by massive studying periods with various breaks throughout the year. A student’s attitude might be negatively affected by poor academic results or anxiety about future tests.

Exercise is frequently suggested as a treatment for mild depression and poor mood. When you exercise, chemicals in your body are released, which might help to enhance your mood. Exercise is a fantastic alternative to try first because it does not have the potential side effects of the medicine.

Helps students become more organized

While being active should be a priority, it does not mean that it can’t be fun! Exercise should be a part of the lifestyle rather than being seen as a compulsion. Running every day is not as hard as it sounds if you take it slow and at your own pace. Eventually, it becomes a part of the routine. Students who are particular about their schedules and manage time from early on tend to become more organized in the future. 30-minutes of running is only 2% of the entire day, you got this!


Maintaining a healthy weight might assist to decrease stress and improve your happiness. It provides direct benefits to the brain, such as improved concentration, increased learning commitment, and improved memory. Of course, it’s also a fantastic way to meet new people and build new friendships.

Exercise is beneficial not only to your body but also to your mind. For students from diverse backgrounds, getting active has numerous advantages.

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Joanne Elliot is a passionate writer and very particular about students’ mental and physical health. She has written a lot of useful content to create awareness among students. She has many publications, including ebooks. Apart from writing, she loves to travel and explore new places. You will often find her having fun with her family in her free time.