A charity working together with local & international communities to provide recycled running shoes to those in need around the world.




Shoes for Planet Earth, an Australian charity, was started in 2009 as a way to get sports shoes to people in need.

The founders, runners Viv Kartsounis and Nick Drayton, wanted to give people the opportunity to participate in a sport and change their lives for the better!

Their aim? Putting smiles on people’s feet!


They have to date donated over 30,000 pairs around Australia and internationally, the biggest need coming from the homeless and indigenous sporting groups.

New and used running shoes are now collected from runners like you and me at more than 80 Permanent drop-off locations around Australia and New Zealand. There is also a constant flow of Once-off collections done by companies, businesses, schools and individuals.

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Shoes collected are distributed locally to people in need and when financially possible they are sent to runners and sporting groups abroad.

The charity is very strict with the types of shoes they accept as they know the importance of owning a pair of shoes and how it increases one’s self worth and sense of pride.

“One thing I have come to realise working in this community is the way a person who lives in dire poverty withdraws from society and suffers depression.

Therefore a gift of new shoes is not only a very practical gift, but it also lifts a person’s sense of hope and self esteem in society.”

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There are a number of ways that you can help:

If you would like to donate your sports shoes we have shoe drop-off locations around Australia – please check here.

We are also on Facebook and Twitter

If you would like to become a shoe collector please contact Viv via email at

To volunteer your time please contact Viv via email at

Financial donations are always welcome and everything over $2 is tax-deductible. It is these donations that enable us to get shoes to runners in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

As runners, we know the importance of sport in our lives and we aim to make a difference to the lives of others through the gift of a pair of shoes. Putting smiles on people’s feet!