Showing up to practice or just a regular sports session with your friends sounds like a regular fun Tuesday, but what happens when you start realizing that your performance is being affected by the amount of alcohol/tobacco you consume on a regular basis? Would you make a change towards finding some way to balance out both rather than slowly sacrificing one? Consuming alcohol, tobacco or anything considered to be a vice is still a matter of free choice towards anyone, however, can it be consumed in a way where it is no longer a matter of an either/or situation but a matter of “when can I do one without affecting the other drastically?”. Here are some tips on managing both suitably:

Dealing with stress in a better manner

Stress is a huge influencing factor in the consumption of any stress relieving substance, people often seek out the substances and the usual case is that it gets worse over time. Now when it comes to tobacco, it influences your health in certain ways that hinder your performance when it comes to sports.

Working around your practice schedule

When the days that you’re going to be playing sports are fixed or have a specific schedule you can find out, you can time the consumption of specific substances that may affect your performance around those areas. Like with alcohol, it holds back your performance until you’ve recovered from its symptoms. With these types of things, a schedule can be managed where a certain time frame is established where you’d have your freedom without intruding on any sports.

Ensuring the dosage you take won’t interfere with other things

When practicing both sports and vice at the same time, it’s important to monitor how much one affects the other when it comes to technicalities, such as what happens the next morning after one too many drinks, what happens when you increase the amount of cigarettes you smoke by a couple. All of those things influence your health and your ability to do both simultaneously. According to this program, monitoring these things alongside a specialized doctor that offers multiple treatments that assist in finding the right dosage alongside that helps with finding out what your body’s support system looks like in order to recommend what your body’s requirements are and what its capabilities and limitations are to better stabilize both sports and vice at the same time.

Not overdoing it with either

When one thing starts taking over what you actually want to do, maybe it’s time to calm it down a little bit rather than finding out ways to balance the difference between being able to do both of those things without them intervening with each other, even though one still takes up the majority of the time. It’s a matter of dedicating enough time to each according to personal preference, because when all is said and done, it’s really up to you.

Finding out the right ratio and the right times to specifically be able to do everything within periods of time where it won’t affect the other aspects isn’t so difficult to do when you have certain priorities and standards to keep in mind. Keeping your goals in sports in mind, you’re free to start doing whatever you want to be doing if you know it won’t stop you from getting to the place you set your mind to.