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What a race that was last week (Thursday 22). Cameron Myers leads home a stellar 1500 metres field - including 2022 world champion Jake Wightman – runs the fastest time ever by an Australian man on Australian soil, leads six other Australians and four internationals, under 3:40.c
Lifetime runners are a rare breed. I certainly was not able to manage it, the selfishness of the commitment dousing the fire of competitive desire and the level of dedication that lifetime running entails. Though a flicker remained through midlife, primed to become a raging inferno once I was ready again. I have come back to running, and I will not, cannot, let it go. This may sound melodramatic, and it is, quietly so, representing the flourish of commitment to a running life that faltered and is now renewed.
Cameron Myers wins the 1500m at NSW Milers Meet at Bankstown in an Olympic Qualifier of 3:33.30, with Jesse Hunt running a breakout 3:33.64 just off the Qualifier with Jake Wightman of Great Britain in third at a stacked field.
In a momentous decision set to redefine the landscape of track and field, the World Athletics Council has approved an innovative proposal poised to transform the summer athletics season from 2025 onwards.
Rico Rogers on Training at Altitude for Elite Runners Altitude training has always been a hot topic for middle distance and distance runners. Many of the world’s best runners spend large chunks of the year at altitude, sucking in that thin air to stimulate the body into producing more erythropoietin...
It’s a tough gig in athletics proposing new things. People all over don’t embrace change. Not all athletes are runners. But the overwhelming majority of them will run a mile away from a change. This is not necessarily a bad thing: to run 100 metres in under 10 or 11...
Maurie Plant Meet started off with Claudia Hollingsworth 1:59.81 for the win and U20 National Record against a stack field, leading ahead of Abby Caldwell and Catriona Bisset on the podium. Claudia joins in for a chat about her performance on the night as well as how a typical training week for her goes, how she approaches racing and what her plans are for the year ahead.
Time is marked out in finite units – seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. But neither time nor events seem to work out that way. Sometimes nothing much seems to be happening. Other times everything seems to be happening at once. That’s the way it’s been for the week beginning Sunday...
Kelvin Kiptum, the marathon world record holder of Kenya aged 24 has died in a road accident alongside his coach, Gervais Hakizimana of Rwanda who was the national record holder in the steeplechase. Kiptum burst onto the athletics scene with his record debut in the 2022 Valencia Marathon in 2:01:35, then went to set the course record at the 2023 London Marathon in 2:01:25 before becoming the first man to run under two hours and one minute with his performance of 2:00:35 at the 2023 Chicago Marathon, which was just ratified as the world record just last week. He was set for an attempt to run under two hours at this year’s Rotterdam Marathon.
Sport is one of the few settings where the catastrophic ramifications of identity politics are displayed for all to see. Sport is about quality of performance, not equality of outcomes. Yet while society is besieged by pronoun preferences and gender updates, the very foundation that women’s sport is built upon is under threat by basic biology; men are competing as and against women.