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Olympic gold medallist Damian Warner celebrated his eighth decathlon victory at the esteemed Hypo Meeting in Götzis on Sunday, while Olympic silver medallist Anouk Vetter reclaimed her heptathlon title at the World Athletics Combined Events Challenge Gold meeting
Rodger Kwemoi
Kenyan 10,000-meter athlete Rodgers Kwemoi has been banned for six years after being implicated in a sophisticated blood doping scheme, leading to the annulment of his Olympic and world championship results.
Even though Isaac Beacroft thought he was "done for" in the last few meters of the U20 men's 10km at the World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships in Antalya, he persisted. The 16-year-old made his international debut and quickly gained international attention by showcasing incredible courage and perseverance. Beacroft has another important match on his schedule as the World Athletics U20 Championships in Lima draw closer in 100 days.
Australia's Rose Davies made a significant mark at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix, a World Athletics Continental Tour Gold event, held in Tokyo on Sunday, May 19, by breaking the 5000m meeting record.
Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, the world record-holder in the 400-meter hurdles, demonstrated her exceptional range by securing a dominant win in the women’s 200-meter race at the LA Grand Prix in Westwood, California, on Saturday. In a stunning display, McLaughlin-Levrone left her competitors behind, highlighting her triumphant return to top form.
The Western States 100, the world’s oldest 100-mile footrace, stands as a monumental test of human endurance. Traversing California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, this race demands competitors climb over 5,000 meters, challenging even the most seasoned athletes. It has become synonymous with the legends of ultrarunning, including Jim Walmsley, Scott Jurek, and Ann Trason.
Keely Hodgkinson, the accomplished Olympic and world silver medalist, has established a new personal record in the 400 meters at the Meeting Citta di Savona. The 22-year-old athlete from Atherton, under the guidance of Wigan coaches Trevor Painter and his wife Jenny Meadows, is celebrated for her achievements in the 800m, having secured silver medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and in the 2022 and 2023 world championships.
One of the greatest distance runners of all time, Kenenisa Bekele, is set to make a remarkable return to the Olympic stage. Bekele, who turns 42 next month, will compete in the 2024 Olympics, his first appearance since 2012. This announcement came as the Ethiopian Athletics Federation revealed its marathon teams for Paris on Thursday.
The running accomplishments of Rachel Drake and Tyler Green are awe-inspiring. However, their story extends far beyond paces and race results. This high-achieving couple juggles demanding careers, education, coaching, and family life with their one-and-a-half-year-old son, Lewis. Recently, Drake secured her spot in the 2024 Western States 100 with...
Melbourne, Australia; 16 May 2024 -  The Board of Athletics Australia is delighted to announce Simon Hollingsworth OLY as its new Chief Executive Officer.