Australian start-up Fractel’s Equity Crowdfunding: Pioneering Sustainable Headwear with a Mission to Give Back To It’s Community

February 6th, 2024 – Fractel, the Sunshine Coast based performance headwear brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign. Born from the vision of founder and CEO Matt Niutta, who turned a personal challenge into a thriving business, Fractel has rapidly evolved into a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and community in the sportswear market.

Fractel Founder Matt Niutta
Image © Fractel

Matt’s journey, profoundly shaped by his diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa in 2011, ignited a passion for running and a commitment to creating products that inspire and connect people. “Fractel is more than a brand; it’s a testament to the power of resilience and the spirit of adventure,” shares Matt. “Our mission is to revolutionise performance sportswear for a community that loves to run, and our equity crowdfunding campaign is a pivotal step towards achieving this vision.”

From its humble beginnings in a spare bedroom in Queensland in 2018, Fractel has emerged as a leader in the sportswear market, achieving over $1 million in revenue last financial year and on track for over $2 million this FY! The brand’s commitment to quality, unique design, and sustainability has garnered a loyal customer base, with both its DTC online channels and Custom Headwear Program experiencing more than 100% growth year on year.

Fractel Hat
Image © Fractel

As Fractel embarks on this exciting new phase, the brand is set to expand its product line into performance apparel, further enhancing its Custom Headwear Program, and solidifying its position in the global market, particularly in the USA.

Image © Fractel

The Expression of Interest phase is now live, marking the beginning of an opportunity for investors to join a brand that’s not just selling the best headwear but is also fostering a movement towards a more sustainable and connected world.

Investors are invited to be part of Fractel’s journey, a journey that’s not just about financial growth but about building a legacy of resilience, innovation, and community. To express your interest and learn more about the campaign, visit the site here. Stay connected with Fractel’s story by visiting and following the brand on Instagram @fractelrunning.

Fractel’s equity crowdfunding campaign officially opens on February 28th, with expressions of interest open now.

Contact Information:
Matt Niutt
Founder and CEO, Fractel