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Shoe Review: Tarkine Trail Devil

With quite an aggressive rocker, the Trail Devil feels like a relatively fast and flowing shoe when out on the trails.  An ideal shoe for those shorter trail races, where speed is key.

Running Shoe Reviews: Nike Infinity React

Nike are the kings at marketing, among other things. And few shoes exemplify this more than the Infinity React. Nike’s marketing machine had people spinning with talk about injury risk reduction. They cited an external study by the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation (BCSMRF) on 226 runners using the Nike React Infinity Run as well as the Nike Structure 22. It indicated that runners using the former had a 52% lower injury rate. It’s an area in which more research is required. So, is this all complete BS, or are the shoes legit? Runner’s Tribe took them through 310kms and below is our unpaid for review.

Running Shoe Reviews: HOKA ONE ONE Torrent 2

The Hoka One One Torrent 2 is a neutral, lightweight trail shoe with aggressive outsole lugs. It is designed for trail runners who want to run fast on varied terrain. It’s a shoe with a modest amount of underfoot cushion,  no where near as much as say the Hoka Speedgoat or EVO Mafaete shoes.  The Torrent 2 is much more like a ‘traditional’ shoe that one of the ‘old school’ brands would release, but with the unique Hoka touches like a 5mm drop, soft foam, and a rocker bottom.

Running Shoe Reviews: Saucony Triumph 17

The oldest running shoe company of them all, Saucony, have landed their latest high mileage trainer, and it does not, repeat, does not, disappoint. Saucony states the following about the Triumph 17: ‘First-class long runs are lighter than ever. For those who crave the ultimate in protective cushioning, the Triumph 17 is our most cushioned shoe, giving you everything you need to cruise through the longest of runs. Make running hangovers a thing of the past.’ So, are Saucony’s claims accurate, is this shoe worth the $250 investment? Runner’s Tribe took the Triumph through the paces, and below is our unpaid for review.

Running Shoe Reviews: Hoka Clifton 7

Another year, another Hoka Clifton, perhaps Hoka’s most popular shoe. A highly cushioned, neutral high mileage trainer. A workhorse for endless miles.  HOKA called it their ‘Ultra comfortable go to daily runner’ – it’s hard to argue with that Not designed for speed, but for long distances or easy runs. The Clifton 7 is very similar to the Clifton 6 – a nice, soft, lightweight, cushioned ride. The only significant changes are a new upper (mesh) and various minor changes to it’s last/upper/heel counter. The differences between the 6 and 7 are pretty much negligible, some minor tweaks, but hardly noticeable. Runner’s Tribe took these shoes through 110km of mostly road and light trail running, and below is our unpaid for analysis.

Unveiling the Power of Performance Running Shoes for Optimal Running Efficiency

In 2016, Nike introduced the Nike Vaporfly, a groundbreaking running shoe that combined polyether block amide (PEBA) foam and a full-length carbon fiber plate. This unique design quickly gained attention for its potential to enhance performance. Athletes wearing these shoes shattered world records, including the sub 2-hour marathon. As a result, other major running companies started developing their own versions of these "super shoes" to meet the new rules set by the International Association of Athletics Federation for the 2021 Summer Olympics.

Nike are releasing their first maximalist shoe in January 2020

Nike has announced a new shoe called the Nike React Infinity, set to be released January 2020. The shoe is designed to prevent running injuries by adding extra cushioning to the midsole. It will mark the arrival of Nike’s first real ‘maximalist’ shoe to their line-up. The Nike React Infinity (let’s just call it the Infinity) is similar to the Nike Epic React (models 1 and 2), but with significant extra cushioning under foot. 

Running Shoe Reviews: Asics Metaracer

If a higher stack height, coupled with a carbon fibre plate and the correct foam, is correlated to more speed, then Asics must have another theory in mind. The Asics is more of a traditional racing flat, but with an extra springy ride thanks to the carbon fibre. There is ample ground feel, and the cushioning feels mild. A vastly different feeling to the Vaporfly road racing shoes so many are used to. Horses for courses.

Running Shoe Reviews: Nike Zoom Fly FK

Hop on board the hype train with Nike’s latest shoe built for speed, the Nike Zoom Fly FK (dang that’s one long name).  Another...

Running Shoe Reviews: ON Cloudboom

If a higher stack height is correlated to more speed, then ON must have another theory in mind. The Cloudboom is more of a traditional racing flat. There is ample ground feel, and the cushioning feels mild. A vastly different feeling to the Vaporfly road racing shoes so many are used to. Horses for courses.