Now for members only – In 2016 RT filmed double Olympian David McNeill for the first Workout Any Day episode. McNeill has already qualified to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 10,000m for Australia. He is the current Australian 10,000m champion, 8 time NCAA All American and allot more. RT filmed is daily process with a workout and cooking.


  1. Good stuff – thanks. Beautiful training area…except for stupid drivers!

    Two comments: this was not, by many definitions, a “tempo” workout. The classic tempo, as per Daniels, is at the AT level, and this was much harder than that.

    As well, David has one of the best runner’s physiques I’ve seen – textbook – but visually he seems to be working hard, not flowing and fluid like some elites – but he gets it done. Interesting!

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