Key Workouts from Aussie Elites: Part 2

Athlete: Maudie Skyring

Personal Bests

Event Result Venue Date
400m 58.22 Canberra (AUS) 17.02.2017
800m 2:09.35 Glendale (AUS) 28.01.2017
1500m 4:22.16 Sydney (AUS) 04.02.2017
Mile 4:53.93 Sydney (AUS) 04.03.2017
3000m 9:45.54 Melbourne (AUS) 08.12.2016

The Session: Freeman (200s)

This session was part of Cathy Freeman’s training program and is great for 400m and 800m runners, to build speed and a tolerance to lactic acid build up. This session consists of 6x200m with decreasing recoveries. So after the first 200m there’s 5mins recovery, then 4,3,2 and 1. In this time you also need to walk/jog back to the 200m start. It’s also very important to keep all your times even in this session and perform each one at a high intensity. We usually finish this session with 6x80m sprints really focusing on speed and technique.

The great thing about running is you can do it anywhere and anytime! Here’s a picture of me training on the Great wall of China, by far my favourite trying location ever!

In the end, I believe it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters what you put in and how hard you push yourself each and every training session.

The Session: 400 Repeats

In the winter and at the beginning of the track season we do 400 repeats. I usually aim for 10 and they are done on a 2-minute cycle. These 400 repeats are mentally tough, as there are so many of them, the recovery is pretty short and gets shorter if you get slower. The aim is to keep your time for each 400 even. So you really have to push yourself when your lactic and fatigue kicks in towards the end. This session is great for building speed endurance, as they’re done at a high intensity and they are reasonably lengthy.

Athlete: Nick Whightman

Personal Bests

Event Result Venue Date
800m 1:59.33 Melbourne (AUS) 10.03.2012
1500m 3:48.62 Melbourne (AUS) 20.03.2014
Mile 4:10.23 Geelong (AUS) 19.12.2015
3000m 8:12.69 Glendale (AUS) 30.01.2016
5000m 14:08.45 Melbourne (AUS) 21.03.2015
10,000m 29:32.75 Melbourne (AUS) 11.12.2014
5 km Road 14:38 Noosa (AUS) 31.10.2015
10 km Road 30:04 Melbourne (AUS) 28.06.2015
Half Marathon 1:07:04 Gold Coast (AUS) 03.07.2016

The Session: 10 x 400m with 60s rest in between reps 

I remember the first time I ever did this session, it was a few year ago now at Olympic Park, trying to keep up with Mark Tucker, Richard Jeremiah, and Collis Birmingham. They ran 60s or less for every rep, something I hope to do in training this season.

The Session: 1km repeats

In the winter I do 8 x 1k with a 1min jog between, running on dirt or grass and aiming for around 10k race pace. In the summer I do 6 x 1k on the track with a 1min walk between, aiming for 5k race pace.


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