If you love running shoes and are going to buy a new pair, the buying time is a time of great joy but also a bit of uncertainty. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you 5 tips that you should keep in mind when buying your next running shoes visit here .

(1) There are no best running shoes

At the moment of having to buy running shoes, one of the questions that we usually hear, is which shoes are the best?

In response to this question, it is normal to hear all kinds of responses, although generally there is a tendency to respond with popular brands (Nike, New Balance, Puma, Adidas and so on). However it is very important that you know, that there are no best running shoes. If you hear a runner who tells you that such a shoe (brand and / or model) is the best, you should know that it is a merely subjective opinion that does not have to apply to you. There are many different brands and models of shoes, and many different runners (with different tastes and bodies), so it is impossible to define what the best running shoes are.

(2) Comfort

When choosing your next shoes, it is important that you look for comfort when running. Although a simple test in the store will be difficult to detect with which you will feel comfortable while you run, walking a bit in them can give you some guidelines. Convenience may require you to spend more money but don’t you have various loan options on the Internet? Today you have tons of personal loans offers!

(3) Wide Points

The toe of the shoes is the front, where our fingers are located. The width of the toe of your shoes is the main key to ensure your comfort and avoid injuries to your feet. Using running shoes with a narrow toe generates that the toes get too close and in some cases are positioned one above the other, so your feet will work inefficiently and dangerously. A few years ago, some researchers concluded that narrow tips could be important in the development of pathologies in the feet.

(4) Size

At the time of acquiring your new running shoes, the waist is one of the vital aspects. To avoid annoying inconveniences while running, we recommend that your shoes be half a point larger than you usually use for the rest of your activities. That is, if your size is 42, buy 42 and a half. During training (especially in long and / or intense and hot climates) it is normal for the feet to become inflamed and need a little extra space to be able to run comfortably.

 (5) Weight

When choosing your shoes, consider the weight of each one. Running with heavy sneakers, does not serve absolutely anything and brings much more problems than solutions. Always opt for those that are lighter. Our recommendation: avoid shoes that exceed 300/400 grams.

Hopefully this article can help you to better choose your running shoes.