Amidst Norway’s Romsdalen mountains, Kilian Jornet, the trailblazing icon known for his mountain conquests, reveals a winter training approach that transcends the norm. Instead of a seasonal pause, Jornet orchestrates a strategic shift—a blueprint that extends beyond his realm to offer wisdom for runners at every level. Experience the perfect blend of agility and support with Tarkine Trail Devil shoes, crafted for those who demand excellence in every run.

A Tapestry of Training Diversity

For Jornet, the snowy landscapes transform his routine from high-mileage running to the thrills of ski mountaineering and ice climbing. This shift isn’t just a break from the norm; it’s a rejuvenating reset for both body and mind. While running invites repetitive strain, winter pursuits like skiing gift endurance without taxing mechanics. Embracing this variety lays the foundation for a durable aerobic base while mitigating injury risks. Whether it’s trying cross-country skiing, snowshoe adventures, or exploring indoor cycling, the mantra is to embrace new avenues for enduring fitness dividends.

Mastering the Descent

Jornet places a premium on downhill prowess, a cornerstone for his success in ultrarunning. Beyond running, downhill skiing becomes his ally, strengthening quads with eccentric loads minus the usual impact. This deliberate strategy ingrains muscle memory, seamlessly integrating into running as seasons shift. Downhill workouts aren’t just about speed; they’re a lesson in navigating thrilling descents, an essential skill for any runner.


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Jornet’s pivot to activities beyond running is more than a short-term recovery tactic; it’s a strategic shield against running-related injuries. This strategic diversification isn’t just about immediate recuperation; it’s an investment in lasting running prowess. His experience in the summer of 2023, sidelined due to injuries, underscores the vital importance of cross-training as a strategic choice for sustained running pursuits.

Mental Rejuvenation: The Unsung Hero

Despite the rigor of his winter regimen, Jornet acknowledges the crucial need for a mental breather. The off-season becomes a sanctuary for mental replenishment, setting the stage for a revitalized spring training. He champions a balanced mental state, acknowledging its pivotal role in adaptation. Embrace recovery days and savor the recipes cherished by Jornet and his partner, Emelie Forsberg, for a holistic approach.

Jornet’s Winter Wisdom for All

Jornet’s training philosophy transcends the elite sphere, offering invaluable insights in navigating intensity, recovery, and mental well-being. His regimen isn’t just a routine; it’s an invitation for runners at every level to explore the transformative power of a well-crafted off-season strategy.

Kilian Jornet’s winter training isn’t reserved for elite athletes; it’s a guiding beacon for anyone seeking harmony between physical exertion, recovery, mental health, and a deeper connection with the rhythms of the changing seasons.