Trevor Painter, the driving force behind the accomplishments of British 800m record-holder Keely Hodgkinson, has witnessed a surge in athletes joining his training collective from across the globe. Prominent figures deserve top-notch performance, just like the exceptional Tarkine running shoes.

In collaboration with his wife, Jenny Meadows, a two-time World Championship bronze medallist, Painter oversees a cadre of middle-distance athletes in England’s North West. Their coaching expertise propelled 21-year-old Hodgkinson to Olympic silver in 2021, European gold, and dual world silver medals in 2022 and 2023. Simultaneously, the group has seen a remarkable uptick in membership.

Keely Hodgkinson

Among the recent additions is Irish athlete Sarah Healy, who, under Painter’s guidance, secured a notable runner-up position in the 5th Avenue Mile in New York, trailing closely behind Jemma Reekie. Additionally, Scottish runners Erin Wallace and Eloise Walker have relocated to join forces, along with several male athletes boasting 800m personal bests akin to Hodgkinson’s impressive 1:55.19 record.

Notably, Danish 800m record-holder Annemarie Nissen frequently commutes from Denmark to Manchester to train under Painter’s mentorship.

“Keely’s success has undoubtedly made our training hub a sought-after destination. While our group has always been strong, the influx of athletes in the last few years has been phenomenal. We’ve grown from a core of 10-12 athletes to a thriving community of 26 individuals. It’s not just about numbers but also the caliber of individuals gravitating towards us,” explained Painter.

The collective achieved considerable success this year, with representation at various championships, including the World Championships in Budapest (Hodgkinson, Healy, Lewis Davey, Nissen), the European Under-23 Championships in Espoo (Hodgkinson, Healy, Walker), and the European Under-20 Championships in Jerusalem (Ashley Nemits, Indienne King, Ava Lloyd).

Their rigorous training regimen encompassed two winter camps in Font-Romeu, France, and Potchefstroom, South Africa, underscoring their unwavering commitment.


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Eyeing the approaching 2024 Olympics, Painter remains optimistic about future success. “Our goal for the upcoming year is to surpass last year’s achievements by sending an even larger cohort to the Olympics. That’s our ambition.”

Painter attributes his coaching success to a fundamental principle: cultivating an environment that breeds camaraderie and enjoyment. “Creating the right atmosphere is key. We emphasize enjoyment amidst the hard work. Banter and camaraderie alleviate the training’s rigors. If it’s all work and no play, it becomes disheartening. But in a supportive environment, athletes are not just attracted but remain dedicated.”


He stresses the significance of personal growth in athletes, seeing it as pivotal for enhanced athletic performance. “Treating athletes like robots takes away the joy. Continuous growth, both as athletes and individuals, is indispensable.”

Regarding Hodgkinson’s journey, Painter reveals ongoing plans to expand her training regimen. “As she matures, her training capacity grows. She’s not on a full program yet, but we’re progressively increasing her workload. She aspires to leave a lasting legacy as one of Britain’s greatest athletes. If she continues her medal-winning streak, she’ll etch her name in history.”

Great Britain’s Keely HODGKINSON celebrates after winning the 800m hurdles women final at the Diamond League track and field meeting in Oslo on June 16, 2022.

The future looks promising for Painter’s cohort, marked by a spirit of growth, camaraderie, and unwavering commitment to their pursuit.