Strength training has many additional benefits other than building your muscles. Many individuals think that strength training is just for men. It is not true at all. Women can also gain immense benefits from strength training. Moreover, it can help you to improve blood circulation and distribution of nutrients throughout the body. Strength training can also help to improve the balance and equilibrium of the body. Strength training also develops your core strength which can help you in your day to day life. As a result, individuals can lead a balanced life efficiently when opting for strength training.

Women can not only build up their strength but also gain the other benefits of strength training. Most of the strength training exercises require just minimal equipment like barbells, dumbbells among other things. These can be procured and stored at home as well. We will today elaborate a few strength training exercises for women. The amount of equipment needed for these exercises is also on the lower side.

Things which you will need:

We will first highlight the things which you should procure before beginning your workout regime. These are:

  • Gym bag
  • Water jugs
  • Sand/dirt litter to increase the weight of the bag

We will now highlight the exercises below which you should include in your strength training workout regime. We will also highlight the exact benefits of these exercises.

1. Overhead squat

The overhead squat is a full body exercise. It will allow you to work on your core along with shoulders, and triceps. You will need a weighted gym bag for the same.

The overhead squat requires you to hold weighted gym bag above your head. Your both hands will be holding the bag. Then, you have to continue with the squat position. You have to make sure that your back is always straight. Once the knee joints are parallel to the hips, you have to hold this position for at least 10 seconds. Then, you have to get back into the standing position. In a single set, you have to repeat this exercise at least 12 times. Initially, you might not be able to bring the knee joints parallel to the hip joint, but you have to attempt to do so with every squat.

The weight in the gym bag will be as per your individual preference. You have to increase it gradually rather than just filling it up to the brim in the very first attempt.

2. Deadlift

Deadlift will again require you to have a weighted gym bag. It can help you to work on the hamstrings, glutes, and back.

You have to place the weighted gym bag in front of you. You have to stand behind it with both the feet close to each other. You have to bend your knees then and move your hips back and try to grab the gym bag. You should make sure that your back is entirely straight. You have to then lift the bag without slouching. You should contract your shoulder blades and stick your chest out. You have to do at least five repetitions of this exercise before completing the set. Once you become accustomed to it, you can increase the weight of the gym bag.

3. Overhead press

The overhead press requires a gym bag and is good enough for your arms, back, and triceps. It can help you to strengthen your core as well.

You have to stand in upright with the distance between your feet equal to your shoulder width. You have to expand and push your chest up. You need to hold the gym bag and position it on your collarbone. The position which we described are now is the starting position of this exercise.

If you’re not entirely stable in this position, you have to squeeze your glutes which will help you in stabilizing. You have to attempt to push the bag up over your head. You should hold the gym bag in the position where your arms are completely straight for at least 2 to 3 seconds. After that, you have to work and move it back to your shoulders. You have to complete such 12 repetitions in the entire set. Initially, you should keep the weight of the bag on the lower side so that you can lift it comfortably over your head and hold it in the position where your arms are completely straight.

4. Push-ups

The best thing about push-ups is that the exercise is easy to follow. Moreover, you don’t need to use any extra equipment when opting for push-ups. Additionally, it can help you to tone the chest muscles, shoulders and the entire upper body. The benefits of push-ups are plenty.

You have to put hands and feet on the ground. Your hands should be shoulder width apart. The palm should be resting on the ground. The distance between the palms and the feet should be such that the back is entirely straight. You have to move your body downwards towards the ground but ensure that your chest does not touch the ground. You have to hold this position for at least a couple of seconds before moving your body up until your arms are completely straight. If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise, you can place a book or a gym bag on your back to increase the amount of weight which you want to lift.

A single set consists of 12 repetitions of this exercise. The advantage is that you’re using the weight of your body and the gravity to reduce weight. If losing weight from stomach is your goal, push-ups are the perfect exercise. They do not have a learning curve, and it is easy to execute them as well. Hence, you will start losing weight pretty soon enough. You have to go on increasing the number of sets which you perform.

5. Chair dips

Chair dips will require you to have a sturdy chair on which you can balance your body. Apart from that, you don’t need to have any extra equipment. It will work on the triceps, deltoids, and pectorals. It is a simple exercise in once you get the hang of it; it is effortless to perform daily.

You have to place the chair behind you. You have to face away from the chair and put your hands on the edge of the chair. The hands should be shoulder width apart. You have to ensure that your arms are straight and your knees are bent at the right angle. You have to mimic the sitting position in front of the chair. Now, you have to bend your arms up to the 90 angle while lowering your body. Once your arm reaches the 90 angle, you have to hold that position and then move back your body in parallel to the chair. A single set consists of 5 such repetitions. Over a while, if you want to increase the difficulty level of the exercise, you can add some weight to your lap like a textbook or a gym bag.

While this exercise might seem complicated but once you get going, you can increase the repetitions as well. It will help to build up your muscles and strengthen them.

6. Crunches

Crunches are another exercise which does not require any special equipment to perform. It is the exercise which directly targets your abs. If you are opting for strength training for weight loss, crunches are the perfect option for you. They are easy to perform which ensure that the learning curve is minimal.

You have to lay down the ground to lie on your back and keep your knees bent. Your hands should be behind your head or on your chest. You have to attain this starting position before beginning the exercise. You have to pull up your upper body towards your knees. You have to contract your abdominal muscles while doing so. At the same point in time, your shoulder blades should raise. You should not use your hands to lift your body. You should naturally lift the weight of your body to bring it as close to the knees as possible. Once you bring them close to your knees, you have to hold that position for at least a couple of seconds. You have to then lower your body once again to the starting position.

A single set consists of 12 such repetitions. You have to increase this work-out gradually. It is pretty easy, and you can add a second set within one week of practicing this exercise. Hence, you can train your core muscles, and you will be able to reduce the weight of your body significantly.

7. Jump squats

Jump squats ideally do not need any equipment. If you want to increase the difficulty level of the exercise, you can opt for weighted water jugs. It will allow you to train the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. As a result, you can target most of the muscles of the body which are difficult to tone. It will help you to get that perfect physique over a while.

You have to first get in the standing position with the feet placed at the shoulder width apart. You have to then bend your hips back like trying to sit in a chair. During this exercise, you have to ensure that your back is entirely is straight. It should not bend forward. Maintaining this posture is imperative.

When you bring the hip joints parallel to the knee, you have to jump higher. During the jump, you have to try and straighten your body. Once you land, you have to bring your hips in the previous position to complete the exercise. You have to opt for at least 12 such repetitions.

If you want to increase the difficulty level of the exercise, you have to hold a jug in each hand. It is however best to do more repetitions rather than adding difficulty to the workout. Increasing the repetitions will help you improve the resistance which will automatically help you gain more from this exercise.

8. Hammer curls

Hammer curls require you to have just two weighted water jugs. Hammer curls help you in focusing on the biceps. As a result, you can quickly build up your biceps when you opt for hammer curls.

You have to hold the water jug in each of your hands. You have to keep your arms entirely straight and by your sides. Your hands should be in line with the elbows. You have to get in this starting position before beginning the exercise. You have to try and bring that jug up in a curling motion. You should concentrate on your biceps while doing so. You can feel your biceps getting contracted. Once your hand comes in contact with your arm, you have to hold that position for a couple of seconds. During this time, you have to lower the jug back into the starting position. While the exercise might sound easy but depending on the weight, the resistance can be on the higher side. You have to include 12 repetitions in a single set.

If you are explicitly looking for strength training exercise which can help you with your biceps, hammer curls are not only the most comfortable option but also the most efficient one. You can master it in a short time and then increase the number of repetitions and resistance precisely as per your requirement.

So, if up until now you were also under the notion that strength training is only for men, you need to think again. You can practice strength training irrespective of your gender. It will allow you to build not only your core strength but also tone your physique. It is not necessary that strength training should involve going to the gym. You can easily practice these exercises right at your home. If you’re interested in building strength training regime for yourself, the exercises which we mentioned above are perfect for you. They will help you gain the physique which you want without having to head to the gym. Whether you’re a busy mom or a single parent, the upper strength training exercises are perfect for women who want to build their physique at home rather than spending countless hours at the gym.