Going on trips can be very exciting and uplifting. For those who train and live an overall healthy lifestyle though, may have concerns. These include issues such as where they will train, what they will eat, or how will they even maintain the healthy lifestyle. Cruises, for instance, can range anywhere from seven days to a few weeks. Athletes, especially, know that muscle mass can decrease if they stay inactive for a lengthy period of time. The question here though is how can that be avoided? Below are four tips to keep your muscle mass in check, and your gut in optimum health.

  1. Go on the cruise with people or, meet new people.

You may be going on a cruise alone, in which case you’ll definitely meet new people or you’re going with friends or family. In either case, you won’t be sitting around the entire cruise with nothing to do. You’ll want to do as many activities as possible. You should try Celebrity family cruises since it has several different recreational group events such as disco parties, laser mazes, and archery tournaments, all of which will keep you super active.

  1. Make use of all the available venues or utilities

If you’re on a lengthy trip, and it’s a large ship, even walking around or jogging around the ship could be helpful and will certainly keep your legs in shape. Pools are also usually available on ships, and one of the best ways to relax and keep your muscles from atrophying is swimming for a period of time. Most cruise ships also provide gyms, which would be a perfect way to keep a runner’s leg muscles if that’s the goal.

  1. Make use of cruise stops

Cruise ships usually stop by ports either everyday or every other day. In this case, you can go down, and take a long walk or even go for a jog around the port. Ports usually have small stores and markets, which could take hours to walk through. Ports can also stop by mountains, or hills, which would be very beneficial to take mini hikes, or jog up and down a hillside.

  1. Avoid the buffet if there is a restaurant available.

Buffets can be extremely convenient, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Given that buffets have that “all you can eat” feature, it’s easy to go overboard with the food. Although extra food consumption won’t make your muscles atrophy, the lack of nutritious food could still damage your health and keep you from doing the previously mentioned activities. In a restaurant, however, you have to ask for the food and wait for it to come, which makes it harder to order and reorder several times.

No one needs to worry about health when it comes to trips. There are many different ways to keep your health and fitness in check. Merely walking around an area or doing some sort of fun activity will keep you in a healthy state. It’s perfectly normal if you want to indulge in great food, as long as you don’t go overboard. Not all days have to be about keeping fit either, some days could just be about pure relaxation, after all, that’s what vacations are all about.