Australian Marathon Stars’ – Interviews and training insights with Australia’s best ever – (Paperback Book) 

‘Australian Marathon Stars’ is more than a collection of interviews with Australia’s greatest marathon runners. The book dives deep into the background, development, training, coaching, nutrition, motives and perspectives of these legendary runners.

For those with lofty ambitions to those aiming to simply finish their first marathon, there is abundant wisdom to discover which will enhance your own running and chances of reaching your goals.

“One of the powerful things about this book is that the reflections of our fastest marathoners are all gathered in one place; some are long after they had been at the top of the hill, some soon after, and some still in progress towards the top. Together they add up to a great deal of wisdom available to current runners.”

“Any ambitious distance runner, anyone wanting to improve on the time that they may have achieved in a marathon so far, or anyone out there wanting to ‘finish’ a marathon can learn a lot from reading this book.”

– Chris Wardlaw, famous distance running coach.

“This book will quickly become the bible of Australian distance running. For coaches, athletes, and fans, the book is a wealth of knowledge.”

– Len Johnson, world-renowned athletics writer.

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