By Anthony Aloisio 


I got into running as a school sport, where I formed close friendships with the boys at Marcellin College, had plenty of fun and some great successes. I love going to that relaxed, almost meditative state when running. Your thoughts slow down, time passes effortlessly, all the while looking to make yourself faster; it is enthralling.

When injuries like shin splints take that away from me, it’s not just the physical issues surrounding pain, but it mentally wears me down. Not being able to improve and hit your goals, it’s a challenge we all face when injured. 

After suffering from a combination of shin splints and issues with a chronically tight soleus muscle over the past two years, I’ve tried many treatment options, including massage and dry needling. However, these treatments weren’t overly effective at reducing the time I spent out when injured. 

After seeing another story of the Solushin shin splints treatment on Runners Tribe about a month ago and taking a look at the Solushin website, I thought why not? I was willing to try something that didn’t appear to have any downside (they have 30-day returns) to try and get myself healthy again. 

I ended up ordering a Solushin just for my left leg, which was my worst leg to see how it would go. It arrived a few days after ordering and I chucked it on. 

Anthony Aloisio shinsplints
Caption: Kicking back with my pair after a session. I’ve ordered the right leg since having success with the left one.

In the first 20-minutes, I didn’t feel too much. I didn’t think they were going to do anything. However, following the instructions to keep it on for up to 2-hours, the tension and pressure on the key points built up significantly over an hour. 

After my first use, I felt reduced tightness in my calf overall, and less pain in my shin which has been a big issue for me. 

I ended up ordering the right leg, which has continued to help reduce tension in my calf and help me stay on top of my shin splints this past month.

Credit: TeamTempo

The team at Solushin has been great. They take interest in your running and genuinely care about whether you are getting a benefit from the product. 

I would definitely recommend the Solushin’s to any serious runner who wants to limit injury and also get a good calf release to improve recovery within their training. 

– Anthony Aloisio 

In exchange for Anthony to share a review on Runners Tribe, the team at Solushin refunded Anthony the costs associated with purchasing his Solushin’s. The Solushin is a class 1 medical device listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 325902). This review was done in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (No.2) 2018, Part 2, 17. Testimonials.