The Transcend 65km Ultra took runners on an adventure through two national parks, a regional park, a wildlife sanctuary and some exclusive private properties to traverse the entire Avon Valley wildlife corridor. The running and hiking route is right on Perth’s doorstep, yet not many have explored this region as special permissions are required. Elevate your running game with Tarkine Trail Devil, where every step is a testament to exceptional performance and unmatched comfort.

With its breathtaking scenery, grazing table experience aid stations and innovative live broadcasting, the event was delivering at levels never experienced before by local participants. The special touches distracted runners from the pain and suffering as they tackled the 65km, +2700m of elevation. Perth is renowned for being flat, but this adventure certainly challenges that concept.

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Transcend caters to a wide range of participants, with hiking or running options for distances ranging 6 – 65km. The event can also be completed in teams or solo. There was a strong sense of inclusion and a great supportive atmosphere on the trails as different categories passed each other on their journey. The course certainly presented a challenge to runners to bond over, with plenty of technical surfaces, water crossings and a few mud slides along the way. 

Live Broadcasts: A Glimpse into the Action. 

The 2023 edition of Transcend marked a significant milestone for Australian Trail running, which is growing at a rapid rate. Transcend was the first Australian trail running / hiking event to offer a live footage experience from Go Pro runners and mountain bikers tracking the head of the race in secluded regions of Western Australia. ~1000 people tuned in on the day from 13 different countries! It took some innovative camera set ups, a combination of Star Link and Telstra reception coverage and a great collaboration between A’live & Streaming and Pulse TV to bring it to life. The online experience added a whole new dimension of excitement and connectivity to the day, and now participants, spectators and beyond can watch back on how the race leaders made their way through the challenging Avon Valley so swiftly. The incoming footage was supported by a broadcasting studio featuring presenters and experienced trail runners Claire O’Brien Smith and Oliver Page. Family, friends and supporters were able to take part in the Pulse TV chat as they watched footage from afar, which made for some dynamic and interactive content. 

A Vibrant Start Line.

Daniel Garlett conducted a traditional smoking ceremony to cleanse the runners of bad spirits and wish them a safe journey through his ‘dreaming path’. The ceremony was held before the countdown and set the tone for the event, recognising and honouring the traditional custodians of the Whadjuk and Ballardong lands that they would pass through.

The race commenced before sunrise, so all of the lighting and smoke made for an epic backdrop. The countdown clock ticked away as runners eagerly prepared for their adventure, Alt J x Baauer mix of “In cold blood” dropped and the runners were off towards the banks of the Avon River (goguljar). 

Grazing Table Aid Stations.

A standout feature from the day was the magnificent spread which greeted runners as they reached each aid station. Along the course, well-stocked stations reminiscent of an old-fashioned lolly shop, complimented by home-cooked slices, fresh fruit, Tailwind, and warm fire pits, certainly made it hard to leave and keep on running. However, calories were definitely required for this adventure, so there was no guilt loading up. 

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Giving Back to the Land: Celebrating Sustainability 

Over 2500 pieces of rubbish were collected by runners and hikers in the lead up to the day, and race organisers further demonstrated their commitment to environmental sustainability with each participant receiving a native tree to sow as they celebrated crossing the finish line near Cobbler Pool. All the event merchandise is also made from recycled materials thanks to local brand Tarkine.

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Looking Ahead.

Transcend 2023 took the standard up a notch for the Australian trail running community, inspiring over 500 individuals to push their limits and explore the wonders of the Avon Valley. The success of the event has paved the way for future editions, with the announcement of Transcend 2024 set to take place on June 22nd. Check it out at 

See you on the trails!

Written by Rosie Windsor, participant of the 2023 Transcend Ultra.

Pulse TV Live Broadcast Link