It’s been a terrific year for you, breaking records, winning races in the outback (Leonora), representing your country multiple times with success and more. What has been the highlight of this exceptional year for you?

As boring as running a solo 1500m leg at the World Relays in the Bahamas was, having the team come running over to me and suffocating me in excitement the second I crossed the line in 3rd place was such a highlight. The four of us were sent straight to the podium jumping and giggling in excitement with our new Australian record and a crowd who thrived on our team’s bouncy behaviour, making us even more excited. I found that being part of a team was really special because athletics is generally such an individual sport and rarely do you get the opportunity to compete in a relay team in middle distance running. Having the other girls to share the celebrations of our success with is something I look back at very fondly. The World Relays was such a great event.

Another obvious highlight was competing at the Commonwealth Games after a long summer trying to qualify for it. Recording a PB of 4.05 in the heat shows I’m ready to start competing with the worlds best in upcoming years.

I think having the opportunity to live with other athletes in London and racing against the likes of Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn in races in Tokyo, LA, Cork, Dublin, Stockholm and Leuven was vital in my progression this year. It was great to get a taste of international competition. The opportunity to compete with girls at that level improved my racing and confidence as I PB’ed in almost every race, getting more comfortable at that level with each race.

Who are you currently coached by? And are you working with a squad?

Philo Saunders. I developed a great relationship with Philo in Glasgow, and made the decision to move when I got back. He has a great squad in Canberra which will be ideal to do some work with. Also my partner in crime Brittany McGowan has had to move to Philo too, so that will be interesting (she follows me everywhere, I can’t get rid of her). Our training is quite different, but it’s nice just to have company.

Can you talk us through a typical training week when you’re fully fit?

Monday: 40mins running, 30mins bike. I have just started doing a strength and core program with the VIS. So far I have learnt that I have quite a lot of weaknesses that I need to improve on!

Tuesday: Track session (up to 3-4kms), 20-30mins jog in evening (if session is in the AM)

Wednesday: 60-70mins, (will be doing gym), relaxation swim if need.

Thursday: Threshold/fartlek, 30min bike ride

Friday: Swim or bike

Saturday: Hills session

Sunday: Long run 70-80mins

This is an ideal week, however ideal weeks are very few in my training! Thursdays have been my problem days because it’s been hard finding time to train between work and uni/placement commitments, so I just try and get at least some sort of run in rather than trying to do a session.

I’m a huge fan of rest days. I generally take Fridays off, but if I’m tired or too busy Ill take a day off and I feel better for it. I think it makes my sessions higher in quality & keeps me able to stay switched on and enjoy it.

What type of cross training to partake in, if any?

I like to swim & bike ride. In summer I’ll do some relaxed pool jogging in our pool at home, but I keep the cross training at a pretty low intensity.

I have had to have the past three months off after some swelling on my kneecap (perhaps from a fall down the stairs when I was away, but the doctor is still unsure). I have used an ElliptoGO to help keep me fit. It’s been ideal for me because it’s more like running than bike riding, but hasn’t got the impact of running. I plan to continue to integrate it into my training moving forward.

Are you currently using any form of altitude tent?

No, I’ve never really done altitude except the odd week at Falls Creek as a junior.. This year I am going to Perisher in January and Flagstaff in May, so it will be interesting to see if it helps.

What’s your favourite/key track work out and why?

Anything that involves training partners! I have always had to do track sessions by myself, so whenever I have company I consider that a highlight!

What’s the plan the for the rest of the year?

Heading up to Canberra for a couple of weeks to check it all out and then to Perisher early Jan and hopefully getting fit in time to do a few track races before heading to Flagstaff for some altitude

I’ve officially got a teaching degree as of last week, so some relief teaching amongst all the travel will be ideal.

Is representing Australian in Rio a huge motivating factor in your day to day training and competing?

Yes definitely. The strange issue with my knee over the past few months, making me unable to run, has helped me keep things in perspective and making it to Rio in peak form is my main aim now, so I will spend the next 18 months getting fit and healthy to ensure I am running my very best at the right time.

Do you have a role model, or inspirational figure in your running?

Can’t go past our 1500m record holder, Sarah Jamieson. She dominated for such a long time and has a great attitude. Longevity at a high level is what I am ultimately striving for.

Favourite food you like to cook?

I’m what most people would call a ‘bad cook’. I like to invent dishes, however I’m usually the only one who thinks its edible. I have mastered the scrambled egg and tomato sauce roll though. I like it.

Are you hooked on any tv shows at the moment?

I don’t really watch TV. I find sitting still quite a challenge in itself. I have a lot of pets, so playing with them usually takes priority.

I literally just completed my final folio for uni a few days ago, so usually I spend my evenings coming home from training and studying! I’ll endeavour to find one!