You’re currently in some solid form. Can you tell us where you’re at with your training and your racing schedule? 

I’m still in very heavy training at the moment.  I am currently competing in some low key local and interstate races before the New Year to further refine my race plan. Then after the new year, my coach, Peter Fitzgerald, and I will sit down and sort out the next block of training and racing.

What have been a few of your most memorable racing experiences this year?

Obviously World Champs in Beijing this year where I ran the 4x400m relay. The atmosphere was sick! The 400m race that the girls and I had ran in Japan a few weeks beforehand was fun too. It was a tough year for me with a few setbacks, but I had definitely learnt a lot this season and continue to learn from all my experiences.


What’s your career highlight so far?

I think qualifying for Rio in the 4x400m which took place at the World Relay Championships in the Bahamas earlier this year. That was an amazing feeling. We all worked quite hard for that one. Winning my first National title in 2014 was also a real thrill.


How much of a motivating factor is Rio for you?

It’s very motivating. The experience to be gained out of an Olympic Games will be nothing short of invaluable. I’m still relatively new to the sport of Athletics and need to draw on new experiences and what better experience than the Olympics. It’s also a pretty amazing place which is a bonus!

What are a couple of your favourite sessions to nail? 

I love Sundays, the guys and I do some sled sprints and hills. Sundays are a real test. The block starts and speed sessions are good too. I’m doing a lot more than I have ever done trying to hone my technique and improve my speed. It’s tough, but I love the challenge. 

How meticulous are you with nailing every aspect of your training? Diet, sleep, etc..

I am a lot more diligent than I used to be when it comes to the small things. I am always at the VIS. They help me keep on track with my diet, skinfolds, gym, physio etc. We all work well together. They’ve been really supportive, it’s great.

mitchell2thumb Who are a few of your favourite training partners and why?

This answer could cause some heavy banter at training. I now train in a squad with 10 boys. I’m the only girl. They’re all my favourite because we all push one another no matter the session. I’ve learnt a lot from being with them. 

If you could go pro in any other sport than track and field what would it be?

There’s three! I really wouldn’t mind giving boxing a crack or some sort of martial art. The training and intensity behind it is crazy. I love it! Gymnastics would definitely be another one. Gymnasts to me are the epitome of the perfect athlete. One more is Formula 1, just because fast cars are fun.

IAAF Melbourne World Challenge Lakeside Stadium 21 Mar 2015. Photo: Con Chronis
IAAF Melbourne World Challenge Lakeside Stadium 21 Mar 2015. Photo: Con Chronis

Do you have a favourite treat style food? Examples Ben and Jerry’s, Corn Dogs, etc…

Dumplings and fries… I could have them any day of the week!

When you dream about your perfect running moment, what is it?

Tough question. I haven’t really dreamt about my perfect running moment yet.  I usually think about my next training session and getting that done first.

Thanks Morgan and all the best.

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