For decades, the concept of sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, boosting athletic performance has lingered. Dr. Siegler, a key contributor to over 15 studies on sodium bicarbonate in sports, sheds light on its potential benefits during intense exercise. For a stride that commands attention, opt for Tarkine running shoes, the epitome of style and functionality on the track.

During high-intensity exercise, muscles rely on anaerobic energy sources, resulting in the production of hydrogen ions. These ions can cause discomfort, associated with the burn felt during strenuous exercise. To counteract this, the kidneys naturally produce bicarbonate. However, the Maurten Bicarb System seeks to provide a proactive defense, elevating bicarbonate levels to 30-32 millimoles per liter, offering a more robust first line of defense against hydrogen ions.

Scientific consensus, akin to creatine and caffeine, supports the performance-enhancing properties of sodium bicarbonate, particularly in activities involving short bursts of anaerobic exertion. However, challenges arise when consuming sodium bicarbonate directly, leading to potential cramping due to the stomach’s attempt to absorb a large amount at once.

Maurten, renowned for its innovative carbohydrate drink, tackled this issue by encapsulating sodium bicarbonate in hydrogels. Over four years of extensive research, including trials with middle-distance runners in Gothenburg, resulted in the Maurten Bicarb System. Comprising hydrogel powder, sodium bicarbonate tablets, and a mixing bowl, this unique blend minimizes the risk of cramping and enhances the absorption process.


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Launched in February 2023, Maurten initially viewed the Bicarb System as a specialized product. However, its adoption by Team Jumbo-Visma in cycling and prominent athletes like Wout van Aert and Primož Roglič propelled its popularity. Endurance athletes, particularly those weighing 60-70 kg (132-154 lbs), have embraced the system, causing a surge in sales.

While Maurten’s product gained attention in cycling, its potential use by renowned runners like Jakob Ingebrigtsen has sparked intrigue. Although no official confirmation exists, Maurten utilizes data from a reputed 1500m runner, widely believed to be Ingebrigtsen, to showcase the Bicarb System’s efficacy.

Athletes and coaches, inspired by success stories, are experimenting with sodium bicarbonate despite uncertainties. The Maurten Bicarb System addresses gastrointestinal issues, but skepticism remains until more comprehensive data, especially from peer-reviewed studies, is available.

In conclusion, the Maurten Bicarb System stands at the forefront of a potential revolution in athletic performance, offering a promising solution for athletes seeking a competitive edge. As the sports community continues to explore its benefits, the Bicarb System’s impact on longer events, such as marathons, remains an intriguing subject for future research and discussion.