In this extensive Runner’s Tribe series the world’s best ultra and trail runners share their training. Every few days we will be posting a new athletes’ weekly program during a peak training period. Next up we have well known entrepreneur triathlete, ultra marathon runner, and USAT coach, Katie Godec.

  • Home Town: Santa Rosa, CA
  • Favourite Trails: Anything the Santa Monica Mountains, anything in western Norway
  • Favourite Race: Stranda Fjord Trail Race 30k/100k
  • Best Result to Date: 3rd place female team Orcas Island Swimrun
  • Sponsors: Orca, Vivobarefoot
  • Occupation (if not only a pro runner): Marketer / Apparel Designer
  • Instagram handle: @katiegodec @trilife_at_30kft
  • Facebook handle: GoKatieGo
  • Website:


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Can you please lay out a typical week’s training in as much detail as you can?


Morning long walk to coffee. I like to start off the week VERY mellow, especially since I am likely coming off of a very big weekend of training. 2021 brought a new exciting work project for me, so my late mornings through early evenings are often filled with meetings and emails.

Monday evening: strength training and anywhere from a 3-6k row. Strength training includes extensive hip warm ups and banded exercises to promote hip stability. Clams, fire hydrants, banded side steps, banded EVERYTHING.


Morning run. If I have time for the drive, I will head to the mountains to do a 5-6 mile route. Easy to medium hills trying to keep it in Zone 2, maybe a little touch of Zone 3. When schedules are less forgiving I stay local and run concrete hills near my home. If I don’t have time for a 5-6 mile run, I will shorten it to 3-4 miles and up the intensity (pace).

Evening cycle on my trainer. This is more of an active recovery and to keep everything moving. 45min-1hr session with some 20sec intervals scattered throughout. A great time to catch up on Netflix.


Open water swim at sunrise! COVID has tried to put an end to my swimming career but I will not allow it. I do miss the consistency and accessibility of pool workouts, but I am fortunate enough to live a mile from the ocean. I swim with a great group of experienced mermaids. Routes vary depending on conditions, usually 1-2 miles. Now that it is winter, I am covered in a lot more neoprene.

Pre-COVID I would have had an evening run. Usually a trail before sunset. But with the life changes and no real races on the horizon, I allow myself this day to decide if I want to run. If I opt for no run, I make it to my outdoor gym for a late evening session of rowing, cycling, and weights.


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Thursday is RANDOM. Ideally I am doing a medium-long run (around 8 miles). Truthfully, with the downtime from races, I have not been pulling this off over the months of December and January. But February is going to be my month of rebuilding my base.


Open water swim AM. This is in theory another “rest” day, but I am really just resting my running legs before a big weekend. The swim does wonders for the muscle recovery. It is basically cryotherapy.

Evening walk 1-2 miles


Long trail run. This also varies depending on the week I am in for training. Biggest days are anywhere from 14-20 miles. Lately I have been doing maximum 14-16 miles. This day is dedicated to early rise, adventurous exhausting trail-tastic experience, slamming an entire burrito into my mouth afterwards, taking a long bath, and then sleeping most of the day away.


If Saturday went well, Sunday is a 10 mile easy trail recovery. If Saturday did NOT go well…..Sunday is what it is. What a life I live in COVID times. The flexibility to just…..skip some things. Is this real life?


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