This episode of Inside Running is brought to you by the O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon on April 22nd – listen to this week’s episode find out about how to win two entries, singlets and wine.

Brad manages a lazy 138km for the week despite feeling cooked and digging deep in sessions, all with school camp going on.

Julian has a friends’ wedding getting in the way of high mileage while experimenting with heart rate and effort based training out on the Moose Loop™, before fueling up his long run with beers & scotch.

Brady’s back in form, continuing his speedwork with an impressive young gun, redeeming himself on his Saturday session, with more waterboy duties and a Bendigo long run in the mix. There’s some fine tuning ahead for the upcoming Jells XC Relays, and there’s banter out of who Ballarat and Bendigo will come out on top.

Gwen Jorgensen runs a 31:55 on the track to out the win in the Stanford 10000m. Julian is persistently unimpressed to the point of triggering Moose on the Loose about his disdain of triathlon culture. There’s speculation on how joining Bowerman Track Club will affect her long-term marathon aspirations.

Jake Robertson equals his twin brother’s New Zealand national 10km road record in Crescent City, 4 weeks after Lake Biwa Marathon ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The listener question for the week asks about the quintessential trail runs around Victoria, Canberra & Sydney, before establishing that betting agencies perhaps miss the nuances of track racing.

This week’s guest is para-athlete Michael Roeger, World Record holder for the 1500m & 5000m. He chats with Brad with his diverse sporting origins before focusing on running and his progression to the Beijing Olympics through the AIS, then dealing with a major setback at the London games.

Michael recounts setting the world record on the track in Boston, how he prepared for Rio as well as getting conditioned for championship races and dealing with injuries before opening up on plans to move up to the longer distances.