Athletics NZ weekly round-up 7 November 

By Athletics New Zealand @AthleticsNZ


Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 5 November 2016

Mark down Olivia McTaggart as our next pole vault star. Last week she enjoyed becoming a member of the four metre pole vault club and on Saturday the 16 year old celebrated by breaking Rio Olympic Games bronze medallist Eliza McCartney’s New Zealand under 17 record by a staggering 11 centimetres soaring over the bar at 4.22m.

McTaggart opened at 3.60m, cleared 3.80m, 3.90m, 4.00m on her first attempts and set an under 17 record with 4.12m on her second attempt. She was over at 4.17m first time and cleared 4.22m on her third attempt.

The record height was beyond McTaggart’s wildest dreams going into the event.

“I’ve been feeling in really good shape but I was never expecting 4.22m, and I can’t even believe that.

“The goal for this season was 4.12m, so getting that was mind blowing and then I needed to keep my head in the game to try to get to 4.17m, the comp was over with 4.12m but I still needed to get to 4.17m, and so on to 4.22m I reckon I could get it, it was a great experience I’m so happy,” said McTaggart.

McTaggart has come a long way in eight months from winning the New Zealand under 20 title in Dunedin with 3.70m and the silver in the youth championship with 3.50m and she was inspired by McCartney’s bronze medal at the Rio Olympic Games.

“It’s amazing to get one of Eliza’s records, seeing her at the Olympics was just phenomenal and she’s like a real inspiration, so it’s really good to have those standards.

“I didn’t know what the heights were going to be and Jeremy (McColl) was just bringing the heights to me and I was quite surprised as to how much of a jump they were, that’s great and Jeremy’s been so good throughout this whole effort.”

McTaggart has been pole vaulting for two years.

“I did gymnastics for ten years so I’ve had that build up for vaulting,” she added.

McTaggart attends Kristin School in Albany and has one more year there, so the secondary school record could also be rewritten next month and in December next year.

McCartney was on hand at Mt Smart Stadium to watch McTaggart’s progress over the heights.

“This is world class, a completely world class standard, it’s absolutely huge. Last year 4.05m medalled at world youth champs, so that shows how really important that record is that she’s set today. It’s so good to see,” said McCartney.

“There’s so much height to go and this is the very beginning of the season so who knows what’s going to happen it’s really exciting for her and the sport.

“Jeremy is single handedly bringing pole vault through this country so it’s pretty cool, it’s a very big achievement for him as well,” added McCartney.

Imogen Ayris was second in the competition with a PB height of 3.90m and Thea Henderson was third also with a PB of 3.20m.

Hamish Gill was out to 7.37m (+1.0) in the long jump, Matthew Wyatt cleared 7.29m (+4.7) and also had a 7.27m (0.0). Kayla Goodwin won the 80m hurdles and had a long jump of 5.49m (+2.4) and also 5.44m (+1.1).

Daniel Hoy pulled out all stops to head in Isaiah Priddey over 1500m in a hand timed 3:54.6, Priddey recording 3:55.0.

Symone Tafuna’i dominated the women’s sprints while Maiya Christini led from start to finish in the 1500m in 4:53.6. Eloise Beattie was second in 4:54.6.

Maddison-Lee Wesche 3kg SP 15.06m.

Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium – 2 November 2016

Peter Wheeler 5000m 15:14.45. Theo Quax 3000m 8:43.19, James Uhlenberg 8:48.99, George Cory-Wright 8:49.27. Mogammad Smith 100m 11.33 (+2.8), Ben Potter 11.39, Jamie Sowter 12.58.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 5 November 2016

Mellata Tatola (16) set a New Zealand under 17 3kg hammer throw record of 56.83m, bettering the standard set for a record of 56.68m. She also had a 13.87m 3kg SP.

Ryan Ballantyne became the third New Zealander to throw the 5kg SP over 20m, behind Jacko Gill and Tom Walsh, setting a PB 20.02m.

Joseph Millar 60m 6.85, 100m 10.51. Michael Gutry 400m 49.60. Tatiana Kaumoana U/18 1kg DT 41.25m. Jessica Hood U/18 800m 2:20.93. Deigna Khamal U/18 400m 58.93. Jade Henley-Smith 60m 7.82, 100m 12.19. Katie-Lee Roper U/16 HJ 1.55m. Charli Miller U/16 2000m 6:35.07. Krystie Solomon U/16 800m 2:20.18. Christopher Goodwin U/20 HJ 1.90m. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 64.10m. Ryan Ballantyne 5kg SP 20.02m. Tevita Finau U/18 HJ 1.90m. Connor Bell 1.5kg DT 58.81m, 5kg SP 14.99m.


Regional League, Cooks Gardens – 5 November 2016

Genna Maples had an excellent sprint double of 100m 12.90 (-2.7), 200m 25.59 (-5.1), and had some useful horizontal jumps LJ 5.24m (+1.4), TJ 10.67m (+3.6). Imogen Skelton scored an unusual double with 800m 2:19.88, HJ 1.74m. Kelsey Forman 1500m 4:50.77, Kirstie Rae 1500m 4:51.98. Ruby Hansen 300m H 45.75. Abby Stewart LJ 5.41m (+5.3). Ashleigh Bennett LJ 5.24m (+2.0). Anna Thomson TJ 12.40 (+3.2) also 12.33m legal. Montaya Wharehinga HT 47.64m. Nick Smith 100m 11.25 (-4.4), 200m 23.02 (-5.0). Zac Topping 100m 11.28, 200m 22.90. Jonty Morison 400m 50.33. Quin Hartley 400m H 56.18. Scott Thomson TJ 14.61m (+3.7). Sean Pay TJ 13.07m (+2.3). Nathaniel Sulupo SP 14.85m, DT 50.14m. Tom Quinn HT 48.29m. Aiden Smith JT 52.19m. Callum Stewart 3000m 8:57.2h. Hannah O’Connor 3000m 9:31.04 mx PB, Phoebe McKnight 3000m 10:25.93 mx. Laura Langley 3000m RW 14:08.53.


Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 4 November 2016

Izzy Neal 100m 12.80, 200m 26.06. Bridie Edwards 3000m 10:08.73. Beth Versey 3000m 10:30.29. Jared Lautenslager 3000m 8:53.17. Oscar Field 100m 11.32. Bailey Cotton 200m 23.23. Sarah Fitisemanu TJ 10.06m.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 5 November 2016

A quick 3000m for Nick Moulai 8:37.91 and Mitchell Small 8:39.99. Liliana Braun 3000m 10:12.36 mx. Ewan Coates 1.25kg DT 43.07m. Callum Stewart TJ 12.33m (-0.1). Sam Harris TJ 12.25m (-0.5). Cody House LJ 6.52m (0.0). Daniel Trenberth HJ 1.78m. Charlie Gamble 2kg DT 48.10, 7.26kg SP 13.22m. Scott Walker 100m 11.54 (+0.5). Caitlin Bonne DT 39.54m, 500g JT 35.17m. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.31m (0.1). Lauren Bruce DT 43.81m. Celena Music TJ 10.16m (-0.9). Roseanne Robinson 3000m RW 15:16.00. Anna McNab 4kg HT 41.60m. Harriet Bush 800m 2:18.93.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 5 November 2016

Jack Beaumont 5000m 15:02.64. Kirk Madgwick 5000m 15:49.38. Felix McDonald 200m 23.03 (-0.7), 400m 50.21. Sam Stewart 400m 50.86. Liam Turner 400m 50.64. Fiona Centers 100m 12.96 (-3.1), 200m 25.81 (-0.6). Christina Ashton 100m 12.90 (-3.1). Caspar Harvey 100m 11.73 (-3.1). Mikayla Thorn TJ 10.09m (-1.5). Andrew Allan TJ 13.10m (-1.8). Emma Ryan 3kg SP 12.72m, 1kg DT 33.98m, 3kg HT 42.98m. Holly Robinson F47 4kg SP 10.43m. Hamish Mears 5kg SP 13.18m, 1.5kg DT 44.09m. Tori Peeters 600g JT 49.37m. Hugh McLeod-Jones 6kg HT 41.11m. Todd Bates 7.26kg HT 49.71m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 43.26m.


World Masters Athletics Championships, Perth, 26 Oct – 6 Nov 2016

Medalists from early in the championships:

Gold medal winners: Sally Gibbs W50 10,000m 36:35.53. Dennis Wylie M60 10,000m 39:41.75. Ian Calder M55 800m 2:15.34. Mike Parker M60 5000m RW 25:39.11. Clasina Van Der Veeken W85 HT 17.29m NZR, W85 TJ 3.87m. David Anstiss M70 decathlon 5716 points. Ron Robertson M75 8km CC 35:16.16. Margie Peat W60 8km CC 34:35.46. Mark Cumming M50 HT 54.31m.

Silver medal winners: Carolyn Smith W55 8km CC 35:30.09. Clasina Van Der Veeken W85 800m 5:46.06 NZBP. Emma Puletaha W35 SP 11.39m. Jacqueline Wilson W70 10km RW 1:04:37.00 NZBP, 5000m RW 31:43.15 NZR. Marcia Petley W85 HT 16.50m. Mark Cumming M50 Weight throw 18.73m. Mike Parker M60 10km RW 53:35.00. Peter Tearle M90 10km RW 3:29:25.00 NZBP, 5000m RW 48:56.81 NZBP. Raylene Bates W50 DT 36.23m, throws pentathlon 4021 points NZR. Sally Gibbs W50 5000m 17:38.44, 8km CC 29:39.67. Tony Price M60 5000m 18:30.59, 8km CC 30:36.48.

Bronze medal winners: Angie Ross W35 800m 2:19.54. Barbara Austin W70 SP 7.86m. Brenda Davis W45 SP 10.20m, throws pentathlon 3246 points. Clasina Van Der Veeken W85 100m 23.89. Daphne Jones W75 10km RW 1:13:30.00 NZBP, 5000m RW 35:43.23 NZR. David Anstiss M70 TJ 9.11m NZR. Diana Adams W45 5000m RW 29:11.99. Eric Kemsley M65 10km RW 56:14.00 NZBP, 5000m RW 26:53.78 NZR. Glen Watts M75 HT 27.22m NZR. Jason Cameron M45 8km CC 27:38.46. Judith Stewart W65 10,000m 48:38.31. Liz Wilson W50 200m 27.64. Lois Anderson W70 Heptathlon 4504 points NZR. Michael Scholten M35 HT 45.20m, weight throw 13.82m. Nyle Sunderland W45 10km RW 58:10.00. Peter Fitzgerald M55 800m 2:17.35. Peter Tearle M90 DT 12.86m NZR. Raylene Bates W50 SP 12.58m. Trevor Guptill M70 200m 27.98 NZR. Wayne Doyle M50 decathlon 6333 points.

Later medallists will be covered in next week’s Round-up.


Big Sky Collegiate Conference Cross Country, Moscow Idaho, altitude 800m, 28 October: Matthew Baxter was second in the 8km in 24:12.9 and Geordie Beamish ninth in 24:51.3. Emily Roughan was 14th in the women’s 5km in 18:09.6.

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, 5 November: Rochelle Sceats-Basil was sixth in 2:51:53.



Feilding Marathon and Half Marathon, 5 November: Carl Laffan 3:19:29, Geoff Thuring 3:25:29, Andrew Smith 3:31:22. Manuella Heitz 3:37:22, Amy Smith 3:46:44, Ingrid Frost 3:59:49. Walk; David Jones 5:02:12. Denise Brunskill 5:12:55. Half; Bryce Hirschberg 1:24:34. Wendy Cottrell-Teahan 1:36:08. Walk; Ross Allen 2:22:24. Robyn McArthur 2:24:14. 10km; Hamish Hammond 34:41, Jack Finlay 35:50, Will Bell 37:25.


Boulder Bay Classic 10.5km Trail Run, Taylors Mistake Beach, 30 October: Chris Dunell 39:49, Christopher Dryden 40:26, Vajin Armstrong 40:40. Liliana Braun 45:28, Rachel Kingsford 45:38, Lizzie Spencer 47:38.