Athletics NZ Weekly Round-up 19 December 2016

By Athletics New Zealand @AthleticsNZ


Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 17 December 2016

Estonian heptathlete Mari Klaup added an international flavour to the weekly meeting on Saturday. The 26 year old who finished 21st in the heptathlon at the 2013 Moscow world championships was over the 100m hurdles in her fastest time of 13.81 (+2.2). She also competed in the long jump clearing 5.83m (+1.3), close to her personal best of 5.91m.
Klaup is in the country for a month and is the fiancée of pole vault coach Jeremy McColl. She was really happy with her hurdles result.

“I haven’t run hurdles since August when the summer season in Europe finished. I’m now aiming to compete at the world championships in London,” said Klaup.
Nicholas Southgate cleared 5.00m in the  pole vault. Hannah Philpot won the women’s pole vault with 3.80m and Alana Doust of Australia cleared 3.30m.
Joshua Hawkins won the 100m in 10.70 (+1.3) and the 110m hurdles in 14.09 (+2.7). Matthew Aucamp 110m hurdles 914mm 15.73 (+2.7). Michael Goldie 60m 7.18 (+1.5) and second in the 100m 11.19. Ebuka Okpala LJ 6.72m (+2.2). Connor Bell 1.5kg DT 58.53m.
Ben Potter (37), equalled the New Zealand masters M35 400m record of 50.86. Potter already holds the M35 60m and 200m records.
Mariam Cisse won the 60m in 7.85 (+2.5) and 100m 12.47 (+2.5). Jamie Sowter 400m 55.0 ht, Anne Simpson 400m 56.9 ht. Maddison Wesche 3kg SP 16.15m.

North Harbour Bays Club Night, AUT Millennium Stadium – 13 December 2016
Alexander Parkinson 2kg DT 55.38m PB. Connor Bell 1.5kg DT 57.78m, 1.75kg DT 50.96m PB. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 64.90m, 7.26kg HT 49.27m PB. Nick Hailes 7.26kg HT 50.44m PB. Ella Pilkington 4kg HT 53.05m, Livvie Duggan 4kg HT 49.92m PB.

Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium – 14 December 2016
Liam Ward 3000m 8:59.19 PB. Olivia Burne 3000m 9:56.07 mx, Grace Wood 10:44.32 mx. James Uhlenberg 5000m 15:21.67, Andrew Catley 15:23.56 PB, Peter Wheeler 15:30.48. Jamie Sowter 200m 25.41 (+0.9) mx. Maiya Christini 800m 2:21.66.


Meeting Porritt Stadium – 10 December 2016
Additional results from last week; Paul Daborn of Frankton New Zealand masters M50 100m hurdles record 16.53 (+0.7), bettering Murray Andersen’s 2000 record of 16.58. Daborn also went close to the 400m hurdles record of 63.00 with his time of 63.24.


Athletics Wellington Grand Prix and Scottish Night of Miles, Newtown Park – 17 December 2016
Tina Harris and William Sinclair were the winners at the Night of Miles races in Wellington.

Mile races, men William Sinclair 4:28.74, Jonathan Justice 4:28.99, Rowan Hooper 4:29.75. Women; Tina Harris 4:55.04, Kara Macdermid 4:55.55, Phoebe McKnight 5:13.41. Walk; Sean Lake 8:03.74. Christina Gardner 9:28.70.
Marshall Hall was just 9cm short of his PB in the discus with a throw of 59.78m. Montaya Wharehinga 4kg HT 49.55m. Imogen Skelton HJ 1.60m. Mark Tinkle HJ 1.86m. Nick Smith 100m 10.92 (-0.2), 200m 22.50 (+3.2). Aimee Francois 100m 12.79 (-0.5), 200m 26.15 (+3.3).


Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Track – 16 December 2016
Daniel Balchin in windy conditions won the 5000m in 14:50.69. Oska Inkster-Baynes was second in 15:19.91 and 46 year old Phil Costley third in 15:48.65. Jared Lautenslager debuted in 15:56.35. Paula Canning 5000m 19:01.75n mx. Katie Thompson TJ 11.37m (+2.9), 11.24m (+1.1), LJ 5.47m (+2.7).


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 17 December 2016
Fiona Morrison LJ 5.75m (+0.4). Anna McNab 4kg HT 42.73m PB (Canterbury Masters W30 record). Roseanne Robinson 3000m RW 14:52.70. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.48m (+0.9). Daniel Roswell 5000m 18:27.32. Allan Staite 3000m 9:55.39. Angela Whyte 3000m 10:56.70 mx. Charlotte Blair 800m 2:22.31 mx. Selwyn Gamble 1.5kg DT 40.06m. Matt Walsh LJ 6.96m (+3.9). Jesse Bryant LJ 6.94m (+0.6). Tim Meynell 300m H 46.13. Hayden Hall 800g JT 62.30m PB. Scott Walker 100m 11.33 (+1.8), 200m 24.20 (+0.6). Caitlin Bonne 1kg DT 40.57m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 17 December 2016

Danny Baillie 10,000m 34:54.06. Matthew Ogle 400m 51.99. Felix McDonald 200m 23.76 (-0.9). Rebekah Hill (14) 1500m 4:58.57. Andrew Allan TJ 13.47 (+3.2), 13.42m (+1.2). Hamish Mears 5kg SP 14.36m (Otago M15 record), 1.5kg DT 44.11m. Cameron Miller (16) LJ 6.14m (+6.4), HJ 1.70m. Tori Peeters 600g JT 49.09m. Hugh McLeod-Jones 6kg HT 41.60m. Mike Scholten (38) 7.26kg HT 46.40m PB (Otago masters record). Dyani Shepherd-Oates 3kg HT 46.10m.


Athletics Southland Combined Events Championships, Surrey Park – 17/18 December 2016
Andrea McDowell (St Pauls) scored 3811 points in winning the WU18 heptathlon. The 17 year olds points were consistent across all events with her 27.35 200m into a head wind the best scorer (683). Anna Skerrett (14) showed real CE promise taking out the modified Girls under 16 heptathlon, scoring 3278 points. Her total included a 3kg 11.77m SP. Shaun Wood (16, Winton) narrowly won the 16 and under octathlon 3424  point to Ben Henderson’s (15, St Pauls). Non CE championship events – Tim Baker LJ 6.54m (0.0); Jack Welsh 6kg SP 13.11m and 1.75kg DT 44.18m, James Tudor (MU20) JT 41.65m.


Kalakaua Merrie Road Mile, Honolulu, 10 December: Hamish Carson 4:10 (7). Women’s mile Annika Pfitzinger 5:04 (1).

Honolulu Marathon, 11 December: Hamish Carson, marathon debut 2:27:16 (9).


Fordham Season Opener, Bronx NJ, 2 December: Marcus Karamanolis mile 4:25.06 (5). Holly Manning 1000m 3:04.83 (1).
Staten Island NY, 2 December: Joshua Billington 60m 7.16 (1h3), 7.06 (2), 200m 22.62 (2r1). Julia Ratcliffe WT 18.66m (1).
Crowell Open Westpoint NY, 3 December: Jade Fern LJ 5.16m (4), TJ 10.48m (4).
Boston U Season opener, Boston, 3 December: Julian Oakley 3000m 8:03.39 (1).
Titan First Chance, Bloomington Ill, 3 December: Sami Jordan mile 5:53.53 (9).
Hoosier Open, Bloomington Ill, 9 December: Jacob Priddey 3000m 8:19.59 (2).

New Year Invitational, Princeton NJ, 11  December: Josh Billington 60m 7.17 (2h1). Julia Ratcliffe WT 18.33m (1).
Intrasquad, Bob Devaney Sports Centre, Lincoln Nebraska, 10 December: Jordan Rackham 3200m 9:03.62 (2).
WSU Cougar Athletics Intrasquad, 7 December: Greer Alsop LJ 5.70m, TJ 12.30m.
Crimson and Gold Indoors Invitational, Harvey Dean Track, Pittsburg State University, 10 December: Bailey Stewart 800m 1:53.32 (2).


NSW Combined Events Championships,SOPAC Sydney, 17/18 December: Veronica Torr heptathlon 5634 points (1), (100m H 13.84 (+0.5), HJ 1.69m, SP 12.62m, 200m 25.29 (-1.1), LJ 6.06m (+1.6), JT 39.15m, 800m 2:28.63.)
NSW All-comers Series
, Campbelltown, 3 December: Correction to last week, Veronica Torr 100m H 14.10 (0.0) (1).
Go for 2 & 5, Perth, 8 December: Michael Cochrane 400m 48.86 (1).
NSW All-comers Series, SOPAC Sydney, 9 December: Veronica Torr LJ 5.86m (+1.9).


The New Zealand Olympic Committee has awarded pole vaulter Nick Southgate the Yvette Williams Scholarship for 2017. In honour of New Zealand’s first female Olympic Gold medallist, the award is presented each year to an athlete that demonstrates the hard work and determination required to excel in their chosen sporting field. In Yvette’s honour, selected athletes have the opportunity to be supported in their quest to win a medal at the Commonwealth or Olympic Games. Nick will receive $23,000 over the next 16 months.

James Preston has been awarded the $5000 Brian Taylor Memorial Scholarship. Preston improved in race after race last track season, and capped that progress by a huge break-through when it mattered most, at the world junior championships in Poland in July. Going into his first international competition ranked a humble 27 out of 33, he won his first-round heat, and ran a New Zealand record 1:48.06 in the semi-final, to finish ranked 13th. That time, achieved while only just 19, also put him 18th in the New Zealand open all-time list.

The Brian Taylor Memorial Scholarship commemorates an inspirational coach who died in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, and supports outstanding student runners in New Zealand. Preston, formerly Head of House at Wellington’s Scots College, is a student of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington.


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