As Doha, Qatar, prepares to host the IAAF World Championships for 2019, Australia’s top male and female athletes have dedicated their time to training and participating in national championships. To qualify to participate in this event, Australia’s leading athletes must perform at the top of their events while competing in local and national competitions. Their performance alone will determine if they meet the qualification guidelines of achieving IAAF world ranking position or reaching the entry standards. Before you set out to place your best bets on all these events, familiarize yourself with the leading Australian contenders for the 2019 World Championships.

Joseph Deng

As a seasoned record breaker, Joseph Deng of Queensland continues to push his limits as he works toward a position in the world championship. While running at the national level, he recently shattered a 50-year old record for the 800m event. Despite his success with that event, he claims he will run anything from 400m to 1500m in the coming races. He aims to win a national title to secure his spot in the 2019 world championship, though his record-breaking wins could be enough for IAAF qualification.

Peter Bol

With Joseph Deng as his training partner, Melbourne’s Peter Bol is in good company on his trek to the world championships. This accomplished athlete consistently beats his personal best times as he competes in national level events. During the 2018 Stockholm Diamond League, Bol missed breaking the Australian record for the 800m by 16 hundredths of a second, despite receiving a late race invitation. Although he also aims to win a national title for a sure place in the championships, his superior performance in the last season will undoubtedly earn him a spot there.

Sally Pearson

As the 100m hurdle champion of the 2017 IAAF World Championship, Queensland’s Sally Pearson is set to defend her title at the 2019 games. She will have to train hard, however, to overcome the time lost tending to an Achilles tendon injury that kept her from competing in the Commonwealth Games campaign. Although she is not yet competing at the national level, she puts all her effort into training three times a week. Whether she qualifies for the 2019 world championship or not, she will likely pursue a spot in the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

Genevieve LaCaze

With her stunning performance at the world championships qualifier, Genevieve LaCaze, who grew up in Queensland, earned her place as a steeplechase competitor for the 2017 competition. For the 2019 championship, she will need to meet the new qualification guidelines, rather than rely on her physical prowess at the qualification races. Unfortunately, recently injuries kept her from competing at the national level. Luckily, her role of co-captain for Team Australia at the Nitro Athletics games and participation in the Gold Coast games has kept her in the running for the 2019 competition.

Setting the Stage for the IAAF World Championships for 2019

As these athletes, and others, battle their way to the top, Australia will build its roster of powerful runners for the 2019 IAAF World Championships. As you strive to place your best bets, you will have to pay close attention to Athletics Australian circuit wins achieved at the national level. With every win, your favorite athletes come ever closer to earning a spot on the championship team. Official word about the team roster will likely not arrive until about a month before the event, which is set to start on September 28.