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ASB Auckland Marathon – 29 October 2017

First time winners Hannah Oldroyd (Christchurch) and Matt Davy (Australia) took out the ASB Auckland Marathon titles for 2017, both doing so under immense pressure, with Davy emerging on top in one the closest men’s finishes seen in recent history. The Melbournian ran a personal best 2:24:13 over the undulating course that takes in the Auckland Harbour Bridge, due in part to unrelenting chase of Josh Maisey (Auckland), who finished just seven seconds behind. Davy took control early and became the target for the others to chase, going through the 10km mark in 33:30, with a chase pack of Maisey, eventual third place getter Blair McWhirter, and Lloyd Biddell (England) 300 metres behind. Starting fast wasn’t necessarily in the plan though. “Not really, I was hoping to run with the other guys, I felt good and maybe it wasn’t the smartest to go out so hard, but I felt comfortable and thought I could hold it, training has been going well so I thought I would have a crack and see how I go.” Davy knew that Maisey was closing the gap and was forced to dig deep for the victory.

In the women’s race it was a very surprised Oldroyd who took out the title. The 2017 Christchurch Marathon winner took it steady in the opening stages before overhauling Leah Fitzgerald and Ruby Muir with just a few kilometres to run. “I wasn’t expecting that at all, I was thinking top ten maybe, so this is a real bonus. I have had a few crap runs recently so I started nice and steady and went through the half in about 1:29 I think and then felt strong in the second half and pushed home from about the 20 mile mark, I enjoyed it.”

Conditions led to fast times in the Barfoot & Thompson Half Marathon, with former ASB Marathon winner and four times National 10,000 metre champion Aaron Pulford taking out the men’s in a sharp 1:07:17 and Olivia Burne going back to back after her 2016 victory, the current National Road Race champion winning again in 1:15:47. Pulford did not taper a huge amount for this one and was pleasantly surprised with his time. “That went really well, I felt so strong the whole way. I wasn’t sure based on my training as I have been doing lots of long hilly runs and no real sessions on the track. I did a big session last Saturday and that went really well, I am a little surprised to go so fast but I just felt so good.”

Burne had the race to herself, with nearest challenger Laura Nagel almost four minutes behind in second and former Football Fern Pip Meo in third. “It was great, really tough, very humid out there and about 16 degrees on the start line just before 7am, that was tough, but I am pleased with my result and the time as well. I had a couple of guys stay with me for the first 8km before they started to wind it up. The bridge was super hard, I don’t remember it being that difficult in previous years, maybe I was just feeling it from the start of the race.”

Marathon. Men: 1 Matt Davy (Australia) 2:24:13, 2 Josh Maisey (Auckland) 2:24:20, 3 Blair McWhirter (Christchurch) 2:25:59. Women: 1 Hannah Oldroyd (Christchurch) 2:54:11, 2 Leah Fitzgerald (Australia) 2:54:58, 3 Ruby Muir (Wellington) 2:55:04.

Half Marathon. Men: 1 Aaron Pulford, Thames 1:07:18, 2 Daniel Balchin Christchurch 1:09:08, 3 Michael Vercoe-Curtis Auckland 1:09:31.

Half Marathon Women: 1 Olivia Burne Auckland 1:15:48, 2 Laura Nagel Napier 1:19:40, 3 Pip Meo Auckland 1:25:57.

12km Traverse Men: 1 Ciaran Faherty 40:32, 2 George Cory-Wright 42:05, 3 Alex Parlane 44:45. Women: 1 Alannah Van Hout 47:48, 2 Ayesha Shafi 48:10, 3 Mallory Formosa 50:16.

5km. Men: 1 Andre Cornelius 19:59, 2 Almog Hershco 20:40, 3 Andre Donald 20:52. Women: 1 Alena Bluhme 20:19, 2 Sophie Robb 20:40; 3 Chloe Browne 20:52.

Auckland City Athletics meetingMt Smart Stadium, – 25 October 2017

800m. Flynn Palmer 1:57.00, W100m (2.4). Charlotte Holland 13.10, 3000m(mix). Theo Quax 9:05.68, Isabella Richardson 10:07.94, Chloe Browne 10:55.68

Throws and Pole Vault Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 28 October 2017

Men: PV Nicholas Southgate 4.55m, James Steyn 4.35m, Jack Henry 4.15m, Aaron Booth 4.15m, Ettiene Du Preez 4.05m, SP Alexander Parkinson 15.02m, HT Matthew Bloxham 56.07m, DT Alexander Parkinson 52.87m, DT(1.75kg) Anthony Nobilo 38.92mPB, HT(6kg) Anthony Nobilo 61.78m, Rizvan Caukwell 43.53m, SP(5kg) Isaac Vaeau Mulitalo 12.40m, DT(1.5kg) Isaac Vaeau Mulitalo 38.31m, HT(5kg) Anthony Barmes 59.94m, Isaac Vaeau Mulitalo 43.69m, JT(700g) Anthony Barmes 45.71m

Women: PV Olivia McTaggart 4.05m, Imogen Ayris 4.05m, Hannah Philpot 3.75m, HT Ella Pilkington 49.41m, SP(3kg) Mellata Tatola 13.91m, DT Mellata Tatola 39.41m, HT(3kg) Mellata tatola 51.66m, Savannah Scheen 45.44m, JT(500g) Savannah Scheen 39.99m, Tania Murray 38.81m, SP(3kg) Grace Penberthy 11.22m, Megan Otto, 10.91m, Suluama Vaeau Mulitalo 10.21m, HT(3kg) Suluama Vaeau Mulitalo 37.92m, Centaine Noom Duckworth 36.34mPB


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 28 October 2017

Men: 100m (-0.2) Sam Diggelmann 11.00PB, Tyron Hilton 11.30PB, 400m Connor McGiven 51.10PB, 1500m Isaiah Priddey 3:59.90, 300mH Isaac Milne 40.46

Women: 100m (-1.1) Hinewai Knowles 12.50PB, r2(-1.6) Kayla Goodwin 13.10, r3(-0.6) Ashleigh Sando 12.90, Lauren Henry 13.00, 400m Sophie Millar 59.30PB, Krystie Solomon 59.90, 1500m Aimee Ferguson 4:50.20, 300mH Alessandra MacDonald 48.80


Regional League Meeting 1, TET Stadium – 28 October 2017

Men: 100m (-1.6) Jacob Stockwell 11.33, 400m Brayden Grant 49.27PB, Rowan Blaikie 50.69PB, Mikael Starzynski 50.86, Jason Myers 51.09PB, 1500m Liam Back 4:05.74, 3000m Chris Devaney 8:54.40, 110mH (0.0) Richmond Wells 15.80, 300mH Jonathan Maples 43.75, Mark Seumanu 44.93, LJ Reuben Brown 6.19m (-0.6)PB, TJ Keiran Pere 12.90m (0.0), SP Nathaniel Sulupo 15.77m (6kg), Sean Howe 14.87m (6kg)PB, Zion Trigger-Feitele 14.51m (5kg), Reuben Brown 13.62m (5kg)PB, DT Nathaniel Sulupo 52.12m (1.75kg), Sean Howe 47.18m (1.5kg)PB, Zion Trigger-Feitele 43.54m (1.5kg), JT Henry Malthus 45.86mPB

Women: 100m (0.0) Genna Maples 12.58, Letisha Pukaikai 12.80, Briana Stephenson 12.89, Lydia Bamford 13.12, 200m (-3.3) Jarla Ansley 26.60, Briana Stephenson 26.70, 400m Emma Osborne 57.91, 800m Karla Macdermid 2:18.50, 1500m Karla Macdermid 4:36.95, 300mH Sophie Redmayne 49.49, Isabel Brabyn 50.00, HJ Laura Saville 1.60mPB, LJ Ashley Bennett 5.78m(0.0)PB, Genna Maples 5.50m(0.0), Ellie Kowalewski 5.25m(0.0)PB, Briana Stephenson 5.21m(0.0), Bridgette Petrie 5.09m(0.0), TJ Bridgette Petrie 11.00m(-0.5)PB, Lydia Bamford 10.70m(0.0), Faith Araba 10.52m(-1.4), Ellie Hurley-Langton 10.48m(1.7)PB, Ellie Kowalewski 10.29m (-0.9)PB, SP Montaya Wharehinga 10.94m, Alana Ryan 10.66mPB, Ariana Blackwood 10.48m, Nicole Bennett 10.05m(3kg), HT Montaya Wharehinga 47.75m, Alana Ryan 46.35m(3kg), Nicole Bennett 42.27m(3kg), Sophie Andrews 37.01m(3kg), Lexi Maples 36.12m(3kg)PB, Ataliah Sulupo 35.28m(3kg)PB

Mixed: 3000mWalk (Track) Rachel Gilberd 17:31.00, Hannah Gilberd 17:47.40, Laura Kehely 17:57.90, Serena Coombes 18:29.60

Twilight Meeting, Sexton Field – 27 October 2017

Men: 100m(1.4) Alex Dawson 11.19, Oscar Field 11.44, 1000m Kalani Sheridan 2:35.79PB, Angus Wemyss 2:37.24, Nicholas Matthews 2:37.83PB, Fletcher Pickworth 2:39.74, Max Meffan 2:42.20PB, Jacob Bryan 2:43.10, Sam Mead 2:45.86, Ben Baker 2:46.74

Women: 100m(-0.4) Lucy Sheat 12.18, Amanda Fitisemanu 12.74, Izzy Neal 12.95, Camryn Smart 12.96, Samantha Hardie 13.08, 200m(-0.6) Lucy Sheat 25.20, Amanda Fitisemanu 26.19


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 28 October 2017

Men: 100m(0.2) Nic Forster 11.48, 200m(1.5) Samuel King 23.48, 400m Daniel Trenberth 52.37, 3000m Nic Moulai 8:55.55, HJ Mark Wolton 2.01mPB, Mark Loh 1.80mPB, PV Sam Harris 4.02m, Max Attwell 3.92m, Edward Hsing 3.42mPB, Joshua Bell 3.22mPB, LJ Jesse Bryant 6.91m(3.4), Max Attwell 6.79m(2.6), Nic Forster 6.61m(1.7), Cody House 5.57m(1.0), SP(6kg) Jack Bryant 14.24m, Seamus Mulrooney 13.56m, SP(5kg) James Coates 12.49m, DT Hamish Dewar 40.14m, Max Attwell 36.30mPB, DT(1.75kg) Seamus Mulrooney 41.09m, Jack Bryant 37.64m, DT(1.5kg) Jared Neighbours 39.53mPB, HT(5kg) Matthew Todd 31.96mPB, JT Max Attwell 46.74m, Mark Wolton 45.11m, Hamish Dewar 42.22m

Women: 100m(0.0) Anna Percy 12.69, Maia Broughton 12.86, HJ Kate Davies 1.60m, LJ Kelsey Berryman 5.74m(0.9), Tegan Duffy 5.30m(-0.3), Katie Thompson 5.10m(1.5), SP(3kg) Jaidyn Busch 15.52mPB, Ashleigh Leonard 12.06m, Tapenisa Havea 11.92m, Violette Perry 11.20mPB, Haidee Middlewood 11.13m, DT Lauren Bruce 49.29mPB, Caitlin Bonne 44.20mPB, Violette Perry 38.13mPB, Ashleigh Leonard 33.61m, HT Lauren Bruce 60.64mPB, HT(3kg) Haidee Middlewood 39.71m, Caitlin Dickinson 39.03m, JT Caitlin Bonne 40.87m, JT(500g) Violette Perry 39.38mPB

Mixed: 200m(-0.9) Anna Percy 26.45, 1500m Katherine Camp 4:39.52

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 28 October 2017

Two highlights of the Meeting were a National Record (pending ratification) to Tori Peters in the Javelin Throw with 56.84m – breaking her own NZ National Record of 56.74m set in Sydney in April, whilst Caitlin Dore (F37) set a new NZ para record in the Shot Put with a throw of 8.15m.

Men: 400m Duncan Trevithick 51.97PB, Jack East 52.14, 110mH (990mm) Felix McDonald 15.01 (-0.7)PB, HJ Hamish Kerr 2.15m, TJ Sam Colyer 12.72(-0.5)PB, SP Jack Welsh 12.64mPB, SP(6kg) Hugh McLeod-Jones 14.25m, SP(5kg) Hamish Mears 13.70m, DT Jack Welsh 43.45m, DT(1.75kg) Hugh McLeod-Jones 42.50m, Felix McDonald 33.73mPB, DT(1.5kg) Hamish Mears 44.06m, Cameron Miller 37.19m, HT Michael Scholten 40.51m, Jack Welsh 39.31m, HT(6kg) Hugh McLeod-Jones 44.21m, JT Jack Welsh 51.04mPB, 3000mWalk Alexander Brown 15:33.70PB

Women: 100m(1.8) Fiona Centers 12.52, Joccoaa Palmer 12.83PB, 400m Laura McCulloch 59.03, 100mH (0.4) Brigid Corson 15.72PB, Tara McNally 15.96, LJ Bridgid Corson 5.29m(1.1)PB, TJ Andrea McDowell 10.12m(-0.5), Ruby Dempster 10.09m(0.1), Mikayla Thorn 10.03m(0.1), DT Zharna Beattie 37.58m, Jessica Senior 33.83m,  SP Emma Ryan 10.98m, Holly Robinson(F46) 10.63m, SP(3kg) Zharna Beattie 11.88m, Teagan Ashley 10.67m, Storm Maole 10.49m, HT(3kg) Teagan Ashley 38.37mPB, Storm Maole 34.15m, JT Tori Peeters 56.84mNR, Laura Overton 47.16m

Centre Meeting, Surrey Park – 27 October 2017

Men: SP Jack Welsh 12.42m, DT Jack Welsh 40.75m, JT Jack Welsh 49.14m


At the 2017 AGM Lance Smith was awarded with Life Membership of Athletics Southland for coaching and services to sport,  World Mountain Champs senior representative Jack Beaumont was Southland’s Athlete of the Year (as well as Distance Athlete), World Championship discus representative Marshall Hall was Thrower of the Year, Oceania medallist Liam Turner collected Sprinter of the Year, fellow Oceania medallist and N.Z champion Andrew Allan was jumper of the Year, Andrea McDowell was Combined Events Athlete after claiming the Southland heptathlon record and Tyler Hamilton won the Official of the Year trophy.

Northland Secondary Schools Sports Awards – 27 October 2017

Athletics Whangarei’s 2016 NZSSAA Junior Hammer Champions Aimee-Leigh Scott and Jordyn Hetaraka were the Athletics (code female & male respectively) winners.

King of the Mountain, 8km up and down Mt Edgecumbe, 28 October: Daniel Jones 47:45, Benjamin Duffus 48:01, Mark Bourne 48:26. Women: Nancy Jiang 61:17, Emmelie Gulliver 63:42, Nic Leary 64:30


Boulder Bay Classic, 10.5km Trail Run, Taylors Mistake Beach, 29 October: Oska Baynes 36:13, Chris Dryden 38:42,  Brett Tingay 39:21, Women: Jean Kozyniak 45:04, Liliana Braun 45:22, Mel Aitken 45:44


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