With her incredible endurance, Camille Herron has completely changed the course of women’s ultramarathon running history. When the Lululemon-organized, all-female Further event came to an end on Tuesday, Herron’s incredible accomplishment was on display. She broke the previous world record for the six-day ultramarathon, which Sandra Barwick had set in 1990, by more than 11 miles, with an astounding total distance of 560.33 miles.

Herron, representing the United States, tackled the challenging 2.56-mile loop course at Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, California, completing a staggering 220 laps. Her daily average mileage of 93.38 miles defied expectations and set a new standard in women’s ultrarunning.

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From March 6th to 12th, ten elite female ultrarunners, including Lululemon ambassadors from around the globe, converged to push their limits on this unique course. The event, held in collaboration with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, aimed to promote women-centric research and address the gender gap prevalent in sports science.

Among the standout performances, Leah Yingling, a prominent figure in the US ultramarathon scene, completed an impressive 157 laps (400 miles). Montana Farrah-Seaton secured the third spot, covering 124 laps (315.82 miles).


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Reflecting on the distinctive challenges posed by the loop course, Yingling admitted initial reservations but found inspiration in the supportive community and the competitive spirit of Further. Devon Yanko, who covered 313.3 miles (123 laps), echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the exhilaration of testing personal limits.

Herron, already holding the women’s 48-hour world record, aimed to explore the outer boundaries of female endurance and underscore the potential of ultra endurance running. Author and inclusivity advocate Mirna Valerio set out with a goal of experiencing 12 hours of “joyful running” each day.

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Beyond the athletic accomplishments, Further served as a platform for groundbreaking research. Acknowledging the underrepresentation of female athletes in sports science, the initiative engaged all participants in year-long research activities. During the ultramarathon, researchers focused on biomechanics and physiological responses to prolonged running, seeking to unveil insights into female athlete performance.

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The partnership between Lululemon and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific intends to publish preliminary findings later this year, promising to advance our comprehension of women’s capabilities in endurance sports.

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In a post-event discussion, Herron expressed gratitude for the unprecedented support she received, attributing her success to collective effort. As the ultrarunning community celebrates Herron’s historic achievement, Further stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of female athletes who continually redefine the limits of human potential.