Eliud Kipchoge said he remained unaffected by the pollution after running 59:44 minutes to take the win in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

“I wanted to run in a city that is polluted and show people that there is no need to worry. The other day, someone told me that they would not allow their children to train in such conditions. But I think after my race they will allow their children to jog.”

“I came here purely for running in a polluted city. For the past 4 days that I’m here, I’ve been reading on twitter about the pollution scare but I told them it’s not an issue. One of them told me “I don’t allow my kids to run for more than an hour”. I showed them that its okay by running for an hour today.”

“The conditions were good.”

Eliud Kipchoge

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Elite Men & Women results 

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Weekend well spend in india,many thanks to organisation @runadhm

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