Australia’s Olympic Track and Field team has been plunged into isolation after an athlete was potentially exposed to COVID-19. It has been reported that the positive test is connected to team USA.

The entire Australian team received emergency messages ordering them to immediately return to the Athletes’ Village where they are to isolate in their rooms until advised otherwise.

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The US Olympic team confirmed Sam Kendricks, a pole vaulter,  has tested positive for COVID-19.  Kendrick’s Olympic dream is over, as all Covid positive athletes are immediatey deemed ineligible to compete. It has also been reported, but not confirmed by Athletics Australia, that Australian pole vaulter Kurtis Marschall is a close contact of Sam Kendricks…

Sam Kendricks tests positive for Covid-19

So far no Australian Track and Field athlete has tested positive to Covid-19. Stay safe team, your lungs are needed.

In other news Taufik Makhloufi has pulled out of the Games, opening the door for Stewart McSweyn, Olli Hoare and Jye Edwards, read more HERE

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